A$AP Rocky Speaks On Interracial Dating, Homeless Shelters & More (Video)

blame it on Meka November 2, 2012

If you take a look at Rocky’s the Twitter background you’ll realize that, at the very least, he’s a proponent of swirling. Continuing on with his conversation with Hard Knock TV he speaks on that lovely topic, as well as growing up and becoming closer to a higher power.

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  • naoshad


  • 3much4thesehoes

    real one.

  • ans

    real shit.

  • bzse

    this kid seems to have you kids fooled he is a industry plant and before this was a calvin klein model

  • boyyy


  • Jeff

    Hip Hop… Changing the world one generation at a time.

  • He sayin’ some real shit in this interview and I still fuck wit Rocky, but you can’t help but think this nigga is full of shit with how he thinks his music has the magnitude that he claims it has.
    The fuck was this nigga talm’ bout when he said he was bringin together generations?
    Nigga did you listen to your verse on “Fuckin Problem”? Bruh, you said, and I quote:
    “Turn a dyke bitch out n’ have her fuckin’ boys”.

    VOICE OF OUR GENERATION, YA’LL. This like that nigga that live in a gated community tryin’ to educate you on ‘civil disobedience’ n’ shit.
    Nigga shut the fuck up.

  • LeVI

    ^I guess youve never turned a dyke bitch out before…

  • noah

    always liked his music but thought he was kinda douchy. this changed my mind about him. his lyrics still dont say what hes sayin in this interview tho

  • $$$

    Reflect this state of mind in yo music, Mr. V$VP.

  • i see alot of people getting his words mixed up.he’s not up here trying to be an inspirational speaker! he’s just saying that ANYONE can get to the top doing what THEY LOVE.this nigga saying what he wants dressing how he wants and made it! do the fuckiin math he aint trying to be obama he’s just enjoying his life without setting limits upon hiself. THERES NOT A SELECTED FEW THAT MAKE IT WE ALL HAVE GREATEST INSIDE OF US. but most of us are lazy and dont wanna work for shit


    I also like to “SWIRL”.

    Black chicks give the best head! ya, i said it.

  • Brother Man

    damnn. Completely changed my perception of him. Long live A$Ap indeed.

  • Who?

    I like that he’s so forward thinking, but I hate how arrogant he comes off.

  • Wesson

    The interview is alright, he gives another insight into his life and goals and all but… WTF with the “chinese kid from Barcelona… no wait Bangkok”???? hahaha

  • JR

    i respect his state of mind because before i was on the fence about this dude. ive banged his shit, ive hated his shit, but now i respect his shit a little more. people cant be perfect, but at least he’s got some sort of higher purpose