• AllahWisdom

    Gemstones! Yessir salute brother Gems!!!


    Dope post!!!!!!!!!! FnF Up!!!!!

  • adam1984

    At last! The return of Gemstones!


    Track #1 GOES NiggNorantly!?!?!?


    "your lack of passion for rap is the reason it's being ruined/ if fashion is where your passion is, that's what you should be doin" - SHOTS FIRED AT KANYE

  • http://www.praverb.net Praverb

    Yes Yes Yes...major props

  • AsTheGlobeTurns

    Please collab with Lupe once again! Your lyrical growth is great and compatible with his!

  • that KiD ANT

    impressed this is amazing!

  • RT

    this dude still raps?! i talked to him i think on Facebook a long long time ago. im definitely dl'd this. preach up top 4ev.

  • Brian Francis

    dope I hope "After" drops today!!!