Nelly - Scorpio Season (Mixtape)

To help celebrate his birthday, Nelly drops off his second mixtape offering (the first being 2011's O.E.MO). Tracklist, download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Nelly - Scorpio Season (Mixtape)

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  • Iamrafy

    This guy took the money and ran. I ain't mad. Just don't expect me to support you when the funds are low. Rap changed since E. I. Now all his songs are annoying.

  • For Real

    ^ Co-sign that to the moon


    If your an established and accomplished artist and decide to keep releasing music then you need to be releasing some next level shit...this is a good example of how artists from older generations don't want to grow up and distinguish themselves all over again with a new style and new sound.

  • j

    this just a mixtape yo he maybe tryin stuff out see what works but yall probably right hes got no clue these days

  • Most suspect mixtape title of the year.

  • It's Good To Hear Some NEW Nelly Music, But The Dude Definitely Needs To Evolve His Sound A Bit To Keep Me Interested.