Russ – Vacation (Album)

blame it on Shake November 2, 2012

DIEMON‘s producer-on-the-mic is back at it with a new project. Tracklist/download after the jump.

01 Vacation Beach
02 Vacation
03 Gods of Bingo f. Bugus & John Anthony
04 Maniac f. Bugus & John Anthony
05 I Don’t Know f. Bugus
06 Let Me Know
07 Boroks
08 Reality Kings f. John Anthony & Bugus
09 Zero f. John Anthony
10 Wassup f. John Anthony & Jalil
11 The Boss
12 Rrreebah
13 Didn’t I
14 Loroks

DOWNLOAD: Russ – Vacation (Album)

  • TheJuice

    I’m a Russ fan, but am extremely disappointed in this album. Too feature heavy and he’s just lacking this time around. Hope this changes.

  • thisisdope

    yooo this is russ’ best work yet. fuckin with this heavy. its different then all his other shit which is dope. stop sleepin

  • louis

    classic. russ is on some different shit with this one

  • nick

    fire. russ got next

  • thisshitsucks

    “i got way more swag than you” ….what a joke..smh

  • who cares

    I was wondering when you were going to post this. Dope tape, I’ve listened to it a few times since it dropped. Honestly though with all the times Bugus and John were on here the three of them just need to get Jalil and make a DIEMON crew album.
    @thisshitsucks – yea, that has to be my biggest complaint about this album is that line from Bugus.

  • mike

    this is a dope album. most unique shit ive heard from the diemon crew. russ is a genius for this shit

  • Cheezo

    Why does bugus have to ruin everything?

  • fart

    stop posting diemon please

  • fuckfart

    ^^^ diemon is gonna blow up soon so stop hating. this album is dope as fuck

  • $$$

    These fools need to get a photographer. Stop using all these stock/stolen images

  • aj

    been fuckin with diemon for a while. this is the dopest project theyve put out by far. i hear the growth. russ got next

  • KING

    Not enough Jalil features man. That dude is crazy talented.

  • classic


  • kps

    DIEMON!!! Fuck people are Sleeping!