Who Wants To See CunninLynguists in Canada?

blame it on Shake November 2, 2012

On Monday, I’ll be joining CunninLynguists, Tonedeff, Sadistik and DJ Flip Flop on a two week tour of Canada land. And with that said, I’ve got a pair of tickets to give out to one lucky dopeboy/girl. The best part? YOU get to choose which show you’d like to see! All you’ve gotta do is hit the c-section with the stop you’d like to attend (check the locations and dates here).

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  • Mark


  • nasty45

    Calgary Nov 10!

  • Lordpesk

    Edmonton !

  • Dishwaan

    11.17 – Toronto @ The Opera House SO DOPE

  • FiggyFost

    Calbreezy nov 10

  • kevin

    Montreal November 20!

  • kevin

    Montreal November 20

  • 11.17 – Toronto @ The Opera House. Word.

  • Jarhead

    11.12 – Edmonton @ Avenue Theatre !!

  • BlackCaesar

    Montréal, QC @ Blue Dog Nov. 20

  • jbillionaire

    Ottawa @ Ritual

  • CommonCents

    Saskatoon. Nov 13. Shake, holla when you get to Stoon.

  • Luke S

    Need to see that vancouver show!

  • D

    Saskatoon Nov 13

  • FvdedGrey

    Calgary. Nov. 10th

  • FatTony

    Yeee yeee Calgary November 10th!!! never been more excited for a show

  • Bones

    11.17 – Toronto @ The Opera House..please and thank you shake!!

  • Frank Grimes

    11.17 – Toronto @ The Opera House. Pleaaaaaase!

  • Christopher

    Winnipeg, yo!

  • jj

    yo calgary, please

  • ghost

    Ottawa @ the ritual , november 19th

  • Dustin


  • Ross

    VANCOUVER Nov 7 @ Fortune Sound

  • Jose


  • Jose

    Montreal nov. 20

  • Riley


  • MeGaVeLi

    Toronto please, brothaman Shake! Bless a homie that just recently beat 2 trafficking charges!!! “Beat trial with [LEGAL AID], fuck Cochrane! – Ghostface Killah “The Watch”

  • Shap

    Ottawa Nov.19, that’d be dope as hell.

  • Ben


  • Moffatt

    Would love to see them in Ottawa @ Ritual on November 19th!

  • tk


  • Min

    Ottawa on the 19th!!!

  • BumpyNucky

    ScrewFace Capitol AKA T Dot AKA The big smoke AKA TURRAWNUH (American accent) AKA Home of the maple laughs AKA Toronto

  • ianism

    Montreal, yo. i don’t need tickets but my friends do – and it’s sold out.

  • badjer