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    I DLed this when you 1st posted it as a 2Deep post & still watch it from time to time...definitely worth a view; but why have you stopped making those 2Deep posts JES? I was making mixtapes/albums out of what you posted... I need MORE!!! lol

  • http://www.robertoflackchronicles.com RL

    RIP Harold Hunter

  • http://Www.twitter.com/belowthehvns D…

    JES you're the truth man

  • Dj ILL One

    Classic! R.I.P. Grandmaster Roc Raida and Harold Hunter

  • GargaMEL

    thank you for posting this! made my year

  • http://www.masterbeattheatre.blogspot.com aim_shoot_made_u_look

    hip hop conamore excelsior

  • http://www.freeagentsproductions.com simon geezz

    you just made my morning man!!! i grew up on that video!!!! I was 12 at the time I bought it (1998)!!

    thanks for this!! u just made my day!

  • Rook

    Man what you know about this? Classic video. Much respect.