Game Compares Jesus Piece To The Chronic (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas November 3, 2012

In a recent interview with MTV, Compton rapper, Game shares his feelings about his 5th studio LP, Jesus Piece as his likens it to a classic, Dr. Dre’s The Chronic.

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  • Smh

    He’s never made anything close to The Chronic

  • Asada

    That nigga Game will say anything. I’m betting this and red will be hit worst albums (not that he has a great one).

  • O.O


  • He has been saying some real wild shit lately. He must know ain’t nobody checking for those struggle bars no more…At least he’ll have a few good beats though.

  • Jordan

    Rappers need to stop TRYING to make classics and just be themselves. Dr. Dre, Nas, BIG, Pac, Jay weren’t saying “I’m about to make a classic”, they just made the music they made and let it speak for itself.

  • Ignorant Genius

    Y’all are overreacting… Probably shouldn’t have made the comparison but it was pretty clear that it was just in reference to the features. He knows this ain’t a classic

  • Bklyn45

    Game will say anything to get attention.. he’s been like that from day one..

  • wickywoss

    why do i get the feeling me and Ignorant Genius are the only ones who commented AND watched the video to hear what game’s crazy ass was actually talmbout?

  • dennis

    you guys need to shut the fuck up he didn’t compare it to the chronic quality wise he said its similar in the way it’s constructed stop making news out of shit that isn’t

  • whaaaa

    Yo, is game on some stuff?


    LOL yall niggas funny AF ! Even 2dopeboyz goofy as fuck for posting it like that! This is pretty much Game’s last LP on aftermath. So he’s officially giving folks a GAME & FRIENDS LP (so to speak). Game always been dope though. But thats my opinion. Feel free to leave yours lol This is a blog


    More than likely he’ll drop a mixtape first, then this album. it won’t be bad but it wont be no Good Kid m.A.A.d City

  • Killaaa

    its official, this album is gonna suck ass

  • matt

    Whenever rappers compare the album to anything before it comes out it always fucks up the album coz u giving ppl expectations…Ross was calling GFID a classic before it came out and after I heard it I was like ‘was that it?’

  • pumpkin

    the documentary is a classic

  • Frylock

    game listen there is a difference between a classic and a masterpiece. you made one classic album, 1 really good album, 2 okay albums, and from what i seeing and hearing 1 shitty album. don’t ever put jesus piece even the same light as the chronic you bi-polar faggot. just go join YMCMB so you that your future albums can get pushed back along with the other faggots that their will never see the light off day. your gonna be in some shitty company game. lil chuckee, lil twist, gudda gudda, t streets, shanell, jay sean, kevin rudolf, bow wow, shyne, etc. oh how the mighty have fallen i bet you regret ever leavin g-unit huh…..

  • marty mcfly

    L.A Times
    Soo Woo
    The Hangover
    The Town
    Hood Morning
    Born In The Trap
    The Good The Bad The Ugly
    Out Of Towner – This last song was really one of the best songs last year, along with a bunch of other shit with dope bars last year. Game’s albums aint perfect but he definitely got dope songs on every album.

    • staxx

      Damn, thoroughly impressed with your picks off his last year drops. Especially that Out Of Towner track. That’s what gets me frustrated sometimes ’cause I know he still can go head up with the rappers of today and yesterday.

  • bzse

    When he said my next album will have no features and no name dropping i was excited but now i am not game is a dope artist and can handle a track on his own he doesn’t need all these features like some artists do not even gonna listen to the album i give up on him

  • david

    safe to say he name drops more off the record than he does on the record and that’s some kinda fuckin achievement, just not one of talent, there’s beginner MCs puttin out material 10 times as nice as Game’s and people still listenin coz of who he’s been affiliated with, the dope/nope bar speaks for itself, the internet should boycott the guy

  • dirk

    Goddammit, the time will tell us, what’s a classic and what not. Stop calling everything a classic when it’s not even out or totally new.

  • This is exactly what Game was doing w/ his last album. Hyping it all up to be something amazing and it turned out to be his worst album (imo) After that I said I wouldn’t be copping any future Game albums ever.
    The Link Gods will hook me up w/ this one


    niggaaa pleasee…

  • Jeff

    I will suck a Big Black Cock if this album is just as good as The Chronic was.

  • 2

    yall are way too critical of game with the name dropping

  • B. Emerson 909

    Doctor’s advocate imo is his best album.

  • Truth

    yo, 2DopeBoyz it’s Je5us Piece. Mind the 5 yo.