LL Cool J - Take It f. Joe

Considering "Ratchet" was filled with all types of desperation to stay relevant, it's good to see "Take It" featuring a more comfortable LL. With the Trackmasters on the beat, James takes it back to his Mr. Smith days. Authentic Hip Hop, coming soon.

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  • SuperMegaWorm

    sounds like a track from 1997 with some fresh seasoning

    I kinda like it..

  • Maaaaan, this shit is buttery.

    I'm fuckin' with you on this one, Uncle L.

  • Jus10

    So many rappers say they have to switch styles because time has passed, but everytime ANY rapper does a throwback song (like this), it still sounds fresh! So why can't we do this all the time? LL, please make this the first single, and scrap that other crap.

  • Paul Lenares

    Yo, Word to God I've been waiting for someone to drop a track like this. It's dope that's LL Cool J. One Love.

  • Linwood Rose

    This joint is fresh! Trackmasters are back and I'm a huge Joe fan.

    I actually like the storytelling on Ratchet. I think the production is what threw that one off. But this joint is right in LL's lane. Looking forward to the album.

  • Music Lover

    The Ladies Anthem! I love it.

  • che

    oh word? wasnt expecting this after that Ratchet joint of a single LL put out.

  • Just give it up

    This is something to vibe out to.

  • Igotcha

    This that shit LL needs to be on. That Mr. Smith shit. Mr. Smith 2 needs to come out. All beats on that old school shit.

  • Rik

    Trackmasters (whisper voice)!!!!1

  • LL Still The GOAT.. hope this track get the.promotion it deserves and I hope the album is aggressive. my idol. thank you uncle L

  • LL Still The GOAT.. hope this track get the.promotion it deserves and I hope the album is aggressive.

  • Curtis75Black

    This is so sick !! The vibe is fresh as ever.

  • gilbert gortarez

    ll cool J ......dooope !! The lyrics are on point,beat is sexy & Joe brings some sultry flavor. Cant wait to hear the new album.

  • Justin Blantey



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