• Real Talk

    Of course LA and his team was super cool.

    They want what you got, the talent and a following and it's worth the risk to gamble on upcoming artists that already have their start.

    In the long term it could a big win for the label's bottom line.

    They see dollar signs and there's absolutely no other reason they'd fly out to Montana, or be 'cool', if it wasn't for the almighty dollar.

  • Fat Matt

    Damn so he made around 950k independently.

    Thats almost a million dollars without a label.


    With a label, he wouldn't be touring in Montana, he'd be in New York City as well as Europe, sure he'd give off a bigger cut but ultimately, there's more dollars to be made by negotiating a contract which suites you best, since HE has the upper hand. Guys, going major is not signing a devils deal, its a smart business move, more options. More shows, more endorsements, more money.

  • Ghangas

    ^ Do your research Mack been doin tours in Europe and New York as a matter of fact he got 3 shows in Australia..