• Robenum

    Love that damn picture though.

  • http://sirsaff.tumblr.com sirsaff

    ^^Don't even know what this post is about, I only clicked dope because of the pic.

  • http://www.mumblur.com mumblur

    lol ^^ I did too, was hoping I was a video or photo shoot!

  • http://thingsididlastnight.com/ Shihaby

    Great song, but people will gives this thumbs down simply because of the Young Money affiliation.

    I'm surprised Nicki Minaj is able to drop quality songs like this, makes me want to check out the album.

  • KIM

    ^^^^^^ FAG

  • D

    Now that's a Nicki Minaj I can get "behind". See what I did there?

  • borzy

    This song is actually really good. Couple of childish pause-punchlines here and there, but overall, this is really good