French Montana – Mac & Cheese 3 (Preview)

blame it on Meka November 4, 2012

The snippet in the clip is “Devil Wants My Soul,” which will breathe in its entirety on French’s new mixtape that drops this Friday (November 9th).

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  • Wu tang

    this nigga is the biggest joke from NYC. I hope 50 kill his wanna be coke boy ass

  • Curtis Blackson

    Sound like Love Sosa for real… instant credibility loss. Fuck that noise. Hate it.

  • bladaoh

    yall some fags, french been doin this shit

  • wackness

    Love Sosa???

    Yea man I was thinking what the fuck I just heard this hook, now I remember from where.
    No talent coke rappers are gonna be no talent dope rappers.

  • Curtis Blackson

    Go back to school Frenchie fool. Untalented ass tool-like coke rappers are going to get themselves burned until they’re lit into ashy buffoons. Faggot hiding under aesthetic sophistication like the mediocre crew MMG. Hope a real ni–ga dump one hundred slugs on you.

    • Ggoon

      LISTEN COKE REP NY! South Bronx! Spreading noise young fools French Montana big Mike!!!

  • Curtis Blackson

    Young chop is old soggy, moldy buns covered in urine. Dude need to get back to his day job. I can see his act drying up real quick. Seems like some unoriginal ass people really like sticking to the common tricks of the trade by duplicating their previous hack jobs verbatim. Hope his dumbass get literally chopped on a wooden cutting board, leaving music alone ever so he can stop making a disgrace of an “art”.

  • Pops

    In 10 years how many of you weirdos are going to actually admit to defending this fool’s music?

  • realtalk™

    ^exactly what im thinking.. since hiphop is so mainstream nowadays even the wackest rappers have fanbases now

  • Earnest Bastion

    Lay down the drum pad and keys @Youngchopbeatz. Now I’m bout to go back to snacking these nigger toes whilst I read my white supremacist advocacy magazine to the tranquil sounds of Mozart in swift attempts to cleanse my ears of this filth.

  • FunkyFlex

    Actually in ten years I rather defend Frenchies music than 2 Chainz, Chris Browns, Wiz, Wayne and all the other retards in the game.

  • Wu tang

    FunkyFlex << nigga i aint gonna say shit cause your name also said everything. FUNKY FLEX ????? FUNKY ????? FUNKYYY FLEX ? HAAAHAHAHA

  • fuck ya

    French made this beat before chief keef