Kendrick Lamar Plans On Voting This Tuesday (Video)

After earlier stating that he did not believe in voting (and receiving some negative backlash for it), Kendrick has now changed his mind and now says he plans on voting this Tuesday (November 6th). The dopehouse encourages everybody who visits this site to vote, and we'll be doing another rendition of the (2)Dope iVote Collage this week for those that actually do.

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  • Damn

    Why Do People Vote for These Puppets?

    Do You Sheeps honestly Still believe they Actually still control The US?

  • "2012 100 racks to Uncle Sam A 24 year old millionaire" - Looks like he'll be voting for Romney

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    im waiting on the part of the video where he actually said he's gonna vote.

  • RealTalk

    Meh.. everybody was all hyped 4 years ago for a "Black" President, and at the end of the day shit doesn't change..

  • D

    People have died to earn the right to vote, and people throw that right away like it means nothing.

  • F*** Romney!

  • Afi K. James

    Thank goodness I Refuse to vote and will never vote this time, because their all bought and paid for.

  • nito

    I hate when people bitch about the government and talk about how bad the government is. They are so ungrateful. I know the government ain't perfect, but be glad you don't live in a fucking dictatorship like north Korea. People should think how good they have it compared to other countries. Most of the people bitching about the government, and politics probably have no idea how it works. If you don't believe in voting then go out there and encourage new ideas on how to choose a president.

  • AQ

    Fuck the two party-system. Vote for Gary Johnson. Do your research. 5% will end the two party-dictatorship.

  • The Art of Peer Pressure. @D, people have died for a lot of shit that you, me & plenty of other people in the world do the contrary of everyday of our lives. Give me a fucking break with that self-righteous BS.

  • james

    Vote for war, poverty, and more black folk going to prison. I remember Obama citing 'The Wire' as his favorite TV show when he got into office. Have you ever heard this motherfucker talk about The War on Drugs, you know, the show's entire fucking plot?

    Look forward to more suffering in the middle east, more blank checks for Banks, and don't forget the 4 TRILLION dollars in cuts that he has approved for SS and Medicare - Kendrick Lamar's generation will have nothing left when they get older.

  • marty mcfly

    If Obama is a puppet then please show proof of who he's taking orders from. I have research that and have heard some names and have listened to some different theories and have found all those accusations to be complete bullshit. THIS president is NOT taking orders from anyone in any position even close enough to give him any orders. And if Obama is a puppet then what does that make you cause this so called puppet is putting things in place that will effect you. And dont give me that fuck the government shit unless you plan to live your entire life without ever being apart of the american system. If Obama has done nothing or if he is the lesser of two evils (meaning his true intent is to destroy america) then please show proof that thats what he's been doing. If you have a better solution on how to make the whole country a better place then please post that information in detail. I've also heard that people feel like they are losing their freedom. Well if thats the case then please tell me what Obama is stopping you from doing or wht Obama has specifically taken from you. Lastly go live in a third world country with a horrible government then come back here and see the difference. If you wanna think that voting doesn't matter and that the government is against you trying to be successful then go ahead and think that but dont knock people for actually believing that there is a structure involved in the americas political system and there are changes being made every time there is a president voted into office. People have prayed for the day that we have a president that actually wants to see people below the poverty line make into the middle class and beyond. That day has come and some of what Obama has already done is proof of that. Go look at Obama's plan for the next four years and see how specific that is and see who he plans to help and see that he has been true to who he said he would be. Obama has created more jobs in 4 years then Bush did in eight and the way bush left the economy going down the drain by hundreds of thousands of jobs lost a month by 2008, thats a hell of a turn around. Then go look at the Romney five point plan and ask yourself what plan is best and what plan is obviously bullshit meant to only help the rich be richer. Basically dont just say anything cause you hate Obama. Show proof that he is this horrible person that you imply he is and if you have a better solution as far as government funding and cuts that should be made then by all means post that solution or be quiet. Good for Kendrick by the way.

  • marty mcfly

    @ James YES Obama has talked about the war on drugs several times. He has been said what his opinion is on that subject for the last ten years. Look it up

  • marty mcfly

    @nito, you think people were saying fuck the government when hurricane Sandy hit? I dont think so and thats cause its easy to say fuck the government when you dont need it but if people ever need financial aid to go to school or a home loan or insurance in whatever form its needed in like health care etc, people dont say fuck the government then though. Im done

  • William

    Seriously, don't let anyone change your opinion on anything. These men will accomplish nothing under the disease of sin. Only God has that power to change the world. Kendrick knows better then that! You slippin', son! Ya Bish!

  • WHAT


  • DK

    @marty mcfly Here's my thing Obama may be the lesser of the two evils but he's not above criticism just because he's better then Romney. People are still being sent to prison for marijuana, government is still trying to censor the internet, he's done very little about climate change and didn't even mention it during the debates, Authorized more drone strikes then even George Bush,not to mention Obama signed NDAA (which allows the detention of US citizens without trial) and that's just the few things wrong I can think of off the top of my head. He's not nearly as bad as Romney and I'll give him he's had to deal with a useless congress but some of what he's done is inexcusable and I'd like to see him get more aggressive with republicans and make it well known that they're not acting in our interest.

    Also @ Kendrick not voting I think people should vote but you can't blame people for being apathetic unless you live in a swing state your vote really doesn't matter (New York will most likely always be democrat & Alabama will probably always be republican). The Electoral Collage is a terrible way to vote not only is it possible to lose the popular vote and win but it's possible to only win 20% of the popular vote and win.

  • Wait... why was this posted? "Kendrick Lamar Plans on Voting" LOL this site sometimes...

  • mdz

    All I gotta say is "Electoral College". What is the point of voting when this is still in effect? People should focus more on their state propositions and officials more than the Presidential Race.

  • marty mcfly

    @DK, yeah but the thing is people gotta eat and people gotta be able to make some money in order to live first and thats before you handle any other issue because if people cant even eat or live then all the other problems wont even be addressed so of course his focus is more so the economy. now weren't people being sent to prison before Obama? At least Obama has voiced his opinion on people being sent to prison for many years for petty shit and he has said that its not right for a person to get 25 years for a bag of weed. He tried to change laws to lessen those penalties for minor offenses and congress shot it down. Also the government was probably censoring the internet before Obama too. There have been more drone strikes because that was the point of creating drone strikes in the first place. Would you rather send more troops? The more that drone strikes get more advanced the more they will be used because that makes sense but atleast Obama ended the war and has set a deadline for all troops to be out by 2014. Now the NDAA was a national defense bill so that means if you plan to blow up a federal building or a school or any act of terror and you get caught you can be held without trail. Now werent people being held without trail before Obama? Now here's by problem with using the term "lesser of two evils", that means Obama is "evil" so it would've have to be proven that Obama is "evil" or is working for "evil" intent and his acts havent shown that.

  • marty mcfly

    @mdz, Obama is wants to make college more affordable while also making it where a college student can pay back their loan over a longer period of time by making it less then ten percent of their income on a yearly basis. Obama didnt put the electoral system in place and he does force people to vote for him. People are making the decision to vote for him because they agree with most of what he says (not everything). Obama was voted in, he didnt just force his way in the white house, people wanted him there.

  • marty mcfly

    he doesN'T force people to vote for him... They choose to.


  • marty mcfly

    @mdz, I know you werent talking about colleges but I just throw it in anyway. Kanye shrug. Im basically saying there are far more Pros then Cons working for Obama's side. With Romney there is just way too many Cons that work against the direction that people would like to see this country go in. Especially when Romneys talks, you get the sense (or you just know and can prove) that he's lying to you and he doesn't mean what he says at all.

  • Meka

    Tomorrow, 2dopeboyz will be proud to present an exclusive interview with Kendrick Lamar regarding his schedule for taking shits. The dopehouse would like to remind you even his shits are special.

  • Real Talk

    Tomorrow, 2dopeboyz will be proud to present an exclusive interview with Kendrick Lamar regarding his schedule for taking shits. The dopehouse would like to remind you even his shits are special.

  • cap

    Today kendrick lamer woke up at 10:34 and proceeded to put socks on. I suggest everyone out there do the same. - 2 dope boyz

  • Cali760

    I bet 85% of the people who comment here can't even name the three branches of government without using google. HA!

  • cap

    judicial , court house, and pentagon dumbass ^^^ cali760

  • Dan V

    Gary Johnson!

  • Cali760

    @CAP you are a the definition of a dumbfuck.
    Judicial, Executive, Legislative!
    Fucking idiot.

  • Damn

    @marty mcfly

    Do your research on "The Jesuits" they pretty much founded & control everything in this sheep world you call reality .

  • marty mcfly

    @Damn, what are the names of the people in control and what are they doing to control the president? What do they get from it? and how can they force him to do anything he doesn't want to? Even if these Jesuits you say have power in the church they would still have to have control of the federal government and beyond that they would still have to pose a threat to the president in some kinda way. The catholic church has been in power for centuries but they do not control america or neither does any branch or separate organization of that religion. If the president didnt do what they said they potentially would have to be able to go to war over it. Yes there are people and groups in government that try to influence the president but at the end of the day he does not have to take orders from any of them because they cant do shit about but get mad. Whatever evil force you think is in control of the president must be mad as fuck that the president is asking the richest among them to pay more in taxes.

  • $$$

    90% of Americans are stupid. That's that. On to the next post..

  • marty mcfly

    You wanna find alot of the source of the problems in government right now. Look at the non compromising and filibustering between Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor and John Boehner vs Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. This fight right here between these representatives has alot to do with why Obama's job is purposely made much harder and thats because these two parties (more so the republican side) want more to fight with the other side then work together for the betterment of america.


    "I don't vote. I don’t do no voting," Truth Is Scary. "I will keep it straight up real with you. I don’t believe in none of the sh-t that’s going on in the world. You talk with me, you talk with me for hours because everything has a contradiction, everything is higher ranking and way beyond us, way beyond people. So basically, do what you do, do good with your people and live your life because what’s going on isn’t really in our hands. If it's not in the president's hands, then it's definitely not in our hands." KENDRICK LAMAR. MAN WHAT A STUPID FUCKER!!! HE ''DOESN'T DO VOTING'' AND THEN THIS?!?!!?!?!?!? FUCK OUTTA HERE!

  • cap

    lol cali760 i was fucking around stupid. you must be a proud atendee of 8th grade history class.

  • agonyc

    this dude straight up said court house and pentagon hahaha

  • Perf

    Lmaooo. On my soul he had me in tears. ^^^

  • Damn

    @marty mcfly

    They have no control in the federal govt Lol
    1. Supreme Courts Controlled by the Jesuits
    2. THE JESUITS also Founded the DHS....

    ETC i can go on & on obviously you didn't do your research & probably refuse to . The Jesuits have the longest history & are banned from 80 nations . Research It !!!!!!!!! . they are in control of E V E R Y T H I N G .

  • Rufus

    Politicians are to inept to even govern effectively, you have to be pretty stupid to believe they can work together to operate a secret society that has never been revealed and controls the path of history through subtle political manipulation.

  • Damn


    The Jesuits control all Secret Society's .

  • marty mcfly

    What are these Jesuits names and what positions do they hold? Are they just faceless nameless beings in dark clothes or do they have names? Their human right? Ok then if you want me to do my research then who the hell am I posed to research?

  • marty mcfly

    The theory that Jesuits are giving orders to the president or even have the power to force their rule over the US government? BULLSHIT

    • mcflyyouscared

      Scary to face the truth, brainwashed sheep that your are...fuck this dictatorship

    • mcflyyouscared

      Scared to face the truth, brainwashed sheep that your are...fuck this dictatorship

  • Real Talk


  • Real Talk


  • marty mcfly

    NO cause the fact is we know Obama's history. Even though Trump wants people to believe Obama aint even american. The president has books out where he talks about his struggle in detail from liitle kid all the way to president. He talks about how there was a time when nobody believed he could ever be president. He was mocked and made fun of by both sides. He just worked hard and built his support from the ground up and he never mentioned any "Jesuits" doing shit for him. In fact he wrote about how much he disliked those type of characters in Washington and how he refused to ever be pushed around by anybody. Especially since he had to struggle to get where he is and nobody was gonna force him to turn his back on those that still lived in poor neighborhoods because those were the only people that supported when he was senator and those were the people he represents and fights for. You talk about being sheep but you simply believe in bullshit instead of knowing what your talking about. You see a black man achieve something and you assume some religious group must be giving him something or forcing him to do something like he's a slave to some clownish church group or some rich wall street suits born with silver spoons. Thats cause you still cant believe even with your own eyes that he made it to this level and stayed true to the people he said he would fight for. Tomorrow prepare to be even more mad when he's reelected.

  • Damn

    @marty mcfly

    Here's a name Bill Clinton , He was Jesuit trained at George Town University Aka JESUIT UNIVERSITY . Look up all the Knights Of Malta that were involved in the CIA when they took out JFK . Do your research .

  • Damn

    @marty mcfly

    Research THE JESUIT HISTORY that goes back to the 1500's or 1700's until now .

  • marty mcfly

    @Damn, That is false. What you need to understand is that the "Jesuits" mite have institutions, yes THAT I am not arguing but what im saying is they are like many other factions of organizations and religious groups that have been around for centuries. They exist YES but they dont give orders to presidents and they have very limited power. Just because they exist does not mean they run the country or the world. YES Bill Clinton went to George Town but does that mean that he was "forced" by any groups working on the behalf of the Jesuits to do anything? NO. You cant just be a group or "secret society" (However they are not secret), thats been around for a long time and have set up practices all over the world and think that that gives them enough power to rule america and put the rest of the world under your control. NO because you would need way more then that to make that possible. They would have to have the strongest military in the world and they would have to totally change the political system in america and thats before Obama became president. To even have the position to give him any orders that he has to follow. Well thats not the kind of world he live in. The "Jesuits" do not have control of the american government, they have limited power and they have no structure in their organization strong enough to make the whole country of america bow down to their rule. So please cut the conspiracy theory bullshit and deal with reality. I dont care how long they've been around, they're is nobody in america that is living under their control and certainly not the president. People in america can walk outside right now and do whatever the fuck they wanna do (as long as they aint hurting nobody), and no "Jesuits" has any control over that. If some shadowy person walked up to Obama and said hey you better do this.... Or im gonna do something to you. The president could simply say SHUT THE FUCK OUT UP BITCH, I AINT GOTTA DO SHIT FOR YOU!!! and there is nothing the "Jesuits" or the catholic church or the illuminati could do about it. END of story


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