Chief Keef – Finally Rich (Artwork)

blame it on Meka November 5, 2012

After all the talk, controversy and everything in between, Chief Keef finally gets to prove himself with his major label debut on December 18th.

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  • 7

    Rick James called….. you know the puchline. Fuck yo couch!

  • 7even

    ^ -_-

  • Boi Boi Swerve

    He probably got the title idea from big seans first album finally famous

  • Cali760

    But seriously, how can anybody understand this fucktard rap? The dude speaks in another language.

  • DBS

    I still haven’t heard any of his music and I’m pretty happy about it.

  • coolCat

    Instagram filters for album covers? lmaoo

  • I don’t get it.

    Then again, I’m not rich either.

  • Mike Diesel

    Album is going to be hot. Love SOSA IS ALREADY THE SONG OF THE YEAR

  • Rick O Shea

    CHEEF KEEF goes so hard! Im gonna cop 10 copies just cuz i got $ to blow.

  • doc rovers

    if theres anyone in the world who i would bet has poor financial skills, its chief keef. lets see if hes still “rich” in a matter of one year, let alone 5 years

  • TheseBitchesLoveLyrics

    some of his music has a cool sound, but he’s too repetitive and simple to even consider copping an album. rick o shea and mike diesel dick ride so hard hahahahah

  • Positive Vibe

    not expectin’ it to sell more than 18K first week, straight up

  • randy

    “if theres anyone in the world who i would bet has poor financial skills, its chief keef”

    based on what? what is your basis for this?

  • Artclasshero

    I hope it sees less than Kreayshawn numbers.

  • Scrouge McFuck

    wff a Hater say… I love Sosa!

  • PaperKut

    still looks like a hobo

  • link. hess

    Keef makes lil jon look like a master lyricist

  • mattnotmike

    this nigga hoppin on dick talking about another nigga money.. the fuck who cares about how rich hell be in five years? this is a rap blog you idiot

  • Ric Flair nigga!

    who cares if this little nigga rode kanye’s dick so ass got money
    this kid is fag hoe pussy cocksucker and all dat shit
    the music is trash, total garbage it only does regular trash talk bout money hoes cars and shit so fuck it all trashbin is where u belong to, dear Keef Chief

  • This Nigga suspect, he parties with shirtless dudes, have shirtless niggas hug him tight, this nigga is gay. all that shootem up bang bang shxt is just a front.

  • k

    he goin gold, like it or not haters.. more tracks on this are gonna bump than 2 chainz, gucci and waka put together

  • Pop

    I bet he´ll be the first platinum selling autistic rapper ever.

  • Stop talking shit if your not even going to buy the album and listen to it. SMH.

  • illicitly ill

    I know this is your blog so you get to post what you want, but how can you in your right mind promote the ignorance that is Lil’ Reese and Chief Keef?

  • KatoXV

    I cant understand him most of the time but fuck it, He still make better music than 2 chainz and waka


    Chief Queef is a FUCK BOY!!!!! All black people should be mad at his parents, he’s an embarrassment to your race……. oh wait im sorry hes just a kid! Thats that shit i dont like!

  • Thtdudebc

    Lol at all these comments. Chief keefs tht dude

  • Bonaparte

    Prove what?

    That he’s a insurgent “artist” trying to make a horrible situation a better one by using decent beats, catchy hooks and horrible lyrics? Hm, possibly.

    I see him as another soulja boy. Who will also probably have a successful career due to the collapse of hip hop.

    atleast beezy makes his own beats. *spitta shrug*

  • Bonaparte


    (for you trolls)