• CenCal

    This is smooth as sh*t my n*gga. S/O Tae Beast

  • Nicole

    this is dope

  • John Doe

    who tryna put up a link for this doe

  • JaySole

    I'm really digging this. Any free links?

  • sz

    support Tae Beast man, no free ish just buy it, only 5.99 man #TDE support talent and good music, this instrumental tape passes for a small album because of the quality

  • ref

    you fools tryin to get bootleg links in the comment section... SMH
    y'all really love handouts.. lazy mfers

  • Sam

    I can hear Donuts all over this things. Dilla lives

  • lala

    love. love. love.

  • http://somethingquitesavage.com/category/mixtapesalbums/ B. Evans

    This One's Definitely Got Some Solid Beats On It. DOPEness!

  • SmokinAces

    Lovin what I'm hearing so far. Dude is really talented. Can't wait to hear more from him with other artists.

  • Papa Razzi Miller

    this shit is Perfect for a the first Day of snow and First Day of a Two Term Black Man President

  • DK

    But the real question is can I use this on a non-profit mix tape....