And The Next President Of The United States Of America Is…

blame it on Meka November 6, 2012

Barack Hussein Obama II. Thoughts? Opinions? Bueller?

  • joey

    hes a fucking worthless idiot

  • Pessimismispragmatism

    Aghh if this turns out to be a false victory…
    Or if he gets assassinated this term…
    (I’m always the pessimist)


    @joey You must be a shyne fan

  • TheKingOnMars

    Joey the fact that you have the whole internet to say what you want and this is all you come up with shows your worth. Bow Down Bitch! 4 more years, and your mama.

  • Sherm

    Sometimes you have to save people from themselves. I’m glad we made the right choice collectively. I believe his second term will support my opinion.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Shake/Meka is that first comment really the way you wanted to start this convo? You should delete that shit real talk.

    Congrats Obama

  • k dot

    I’m Canadian and I was worried American’s would fuck stuff up n vote in Romney thank god

  • Anonymous

    This ALMOST makes up for Americans giving Bush two terms.

  • louislagerfeld


  • swish15

    @Tomlin we do live in America right, oh wait, yeah we do.

  • Look At Em

    Haha, the republicans are about to pass out. A nigga goin for eight years. Lesson of he day, money can’t buy you everything, WILLARD MITT ROMNEY is living proof. Duck ass nigga

  • Look At Em


  • Religionous

    Fuck Mitt Romney the Looney Toon of Politics! OBAMA!!!!!

  • B. Dot


  • Danny

    We’re all fucked

  • Truth

    so the national debt will be doubled… feel sorry for our kids and grand kids

  • the real truth

    @truth the debt wouldnt be so much if the dumb ass republican before Obama hadn’t put the country in 2 wars it had no business being in

  • Anonymous

    And gave the wealthiest Americans tax cuts

  • Truth

    Bush and Obama’s efforts will put this economy to dirt. Greece 2.0

  • the real truth

    @truth not to mention its not like Romney was going to be able to lower the debt by cutting taxes and increasing military spending

  • Anonymous

    And deregulated Wall Street so they can fuck over everyone…

  • Truth

    this country is fucked, didn’t matter who won. O well congrats Obama

  • the real truth

    @truth lol thank god I live in Canada, you should move here wayyy less debt,free health care and the worlds largest supply of fresh water what more could you want

  • swish15

    obama cant blame bush any longer. Celebrity of the United States of America

  • Congratulations to OBAMA but (AS WE ALL KNOW AND KNEW) it will take 2 more presidents to get elected for 2 terms a piece to get us out of the black hole of debt that “Bush” put us in.

  • Shits About To Hit The Fan

    12/21/2012 – get ready

  • fuckface

    @the real truth what more would i want? hawaii type weather, american NFL football, NBA, good rap music, and the red white and blue, fuck ass canadian drake ass nigga

  • Rager

    Thank God I live in Texas we’ll be fine.

  • Sticky

    Smh people cant accept that Obama isn’t a good president, the next 4 years will ruin the U.S. You have all been manipulated by the media

  • (l,k)

    both of them fucking suck. no good president passes something like the NDAA. fuck all you sheep

  • Sticky

    At least weed is legal in Washington for now

  • CrackedThatBitchWithMyBelt

    i voted for pedro

  • erik

    Wheres George W Bush when u need him. People who voted for obama are mostly younger people who dont have half a fucking clue what he stands for or what his policys entail. Good luck with this chump the next 4 years. sad fucking world we live in.

  • erik

    Guys to busy going on vacations or talk shows then to become a good president. Enjoy paying more of your tax money to these bums and lazy ass niggers on the streets hahah.

  • swish15

    @rager we finna secede! hahah

  • Hope-A-Dope

    none of this shit affects your lives, stop caring about bullshit

    if only more of yall hoe ass niggas paid more attention to your local govt issues instead

  • abe

    dont understand the romney hate. grow up and be adults. or better yet be american and respect other peoples views/

  • Shawn

    This mother fucker “joey” probably doesn’t know his face from his ass.

    Dumb mother fucker. Bush was the worthless idiot and the mess he left for whoever was going to be after him wasn’t going to be fixed in four years. Romney was too shaky and not concrete enough, especially on foreign policy. The best man won.

  • Than

    Obama and Romney agree on all major issues, War Terror, Federal Reserve, Economy, and civil liberties. END THE FED!!!!

  • Geroy

    I’d be happy if this wasn’t a fucking popularity contest.
    Barack was voted in, both times now by stupid trendy art school students and other black people solely because he’s black.

    The elections should be decided on political factors and not like a high school prom king/ queen vote.

    I wouldn’t have voted for either, thank god I’m canadian. (No recession up here boyyyyzzzz)

  • yesssir

    You do know that Obama extended the Bush tax cuts right?

  • HAHa

    It may have been a popularity contest, but the better man won. Mitt Romney didn’t have any concrete positions. A bunch of his his positions were switched up and reversed the first debate to throw Obama off. His vice president candidate forced his way into a Chinese restaurant and started cleaning clean dishes to act like he was helping the community. For a recent Romney benefit rally, they bought a bunch of shit from Walmart the night before and gave it away to supporters to donate back to them and tried to make it seem like that wasn’t what they were doing. Romney is the definition of a lying cocksucker. I urge you to show me how Obama has done a bad job as president. You do realize that in the past 20 years (it may be more or a little less, I don’t remember the correct time frame right off the tope of my head but I can find the link to the info) the republican president have increased the deficit more than the democrat presidents, Obama included. People need to become more informed on facts before they start posting their opinions.

  • marty mcfly

    Dont ever let somebody tell you that your vote doesn’t matter or that you cant accomplish anything you put your mind to. This is a victory for the people and particularly those that came from humble beginnings and had to make it through hard work, blood, sweat and tears. Anybody who says Obama has done nothing or is not an intelligent hard working person is either a hater or a fucking idiot. This is what the generations before us have fought for and have bled for and have given their lives for. Anybody talking shit about those who voted for Obama are just mad and have to make excuses for why they feel the way they do but fuck em. The people earned this victory straight up and down and if any silver spoon rich kids wanna look down on those that came from the struggle, fuck them too. Now the president cant help everybody and is ultimately not responsible for every individual life in america but for those that supported Obama its on you to look at what is possible if you just try and take the example and standard Obama has set and follow through with your own life mission with the same drive. To the haters, that largely believe only rich white people can be leaders?. FUCK YA’LL, Its a new day now… FIN

  • marty mcfly

    @HaHa, I believe your talking about Ronald Reagan. See people forget the horrible presidents we’ve had in this country and thats mostly because all they see is Obama’s race. They dont see anything positive and the negative shit they bring wasn’t even started by Obama and doesn’t even effect them. How can anybody in their right mind say this mind hasn’t done multiple things that have made people’s lives better. They would either have to be blind or just fucking dumb. Dont just research some negative bullshit you heard some angry white guy driving a pick up truck yell out the window as he was passing by. Research the positive work this president has done and you’ll see why he won re election. If you just gonna pick apart certain policies that have multiple issues in them just in order to complain. You telling half truths and really just coming across as angry that richie rich didnt get elected. Smh

  • Good.

    The better man won.

    Only an asshole would vote for that asshole Romney.

    If he would’ve won, say goodbye to what’s left of this country.
    Everything that comes out of Romney’s mouth is bullshit.

    Barack won’t be able to fix this shit hole, no one can immediately.
    But Barack will control it and send it in the right direction.

    Any asshole that thinks any ONE MAN can fix this country, is the same asshole that voted for George Bush…and Mitt Romney at that.

    All bad mouthing aside, I’m glad to see this country isn’t as white as it seems. For a black man to be voted twice that says a lot.

    Impressive. Even with half the country voting against him, even though the white man didn’t wanna see it again, it happened again.

  • HAHa

    @marty mcfly, not just Ronald Reagan, but his one of the examples. I’m glad there is another person out there who doesn’t have his head up his ass.

  • marty mcfly

    As for the debt argument. I hear people use that complaint all the time but honestly thats something I can let go. If thats the bullet that people wanna use against Obama then so be it cause the people that say america is fucked or doomed because of the debt problem are really jumping to conclusions. America will be ok, the last four years is not the only time america has had debt issues and the country as a whole will recover. We will never be greece or any other scenario like that. The country will slower build up the economy by generating more opportunity and work and by not fighting wars.

  • HAHa

    On another note, what are you guys thinking about Washington and Colorado. I’m excited as shit. I live in Michigan so decriminalization in Grand Rapids is big as well. The country has taken multiple steps in the right direction this election.

  • Adi

    Pedro 2016.

  • Akademo

    Marty, you have gained my respect with your insight into this election. Thank you for being informed and understanding that it’s important to know the facts, and not vote your racism. Obama has done a decent job trying to to bring us back from the Bush years. I’m happy that Americans saw through the Romney/Ryan bullshit and went with the proven leader. Big up to you Marty. You might not know Hip Hop, but you know politics…

  • david

    America’s fucked. You spend all your time with technology sitting at home getting nothing done expecting one man to clean everything up for you. If you all did a little bit of voluntary work just for a couple weekends cleaning your streets and working with schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, charities and youth activity events then America wouldn’t have to spend as much money on them and could spend the money on keeping you safe. Let’s be realistic though, some Americans may be willing to put in voluntary hours but the majority are lazy and greedy and this is why you’re fucked

  • Vivalarevolution

    Immortal Technique 2016

  • thisniggajoeyisabitch

    hes a fucking worthless idiot
    joey said this on November 6th, 2012 at 11:34 pm

    fuck yo life yo mama life yo daddy life and the life of all whom in any way shape or form are related or close to you…. Bitch. Obama…

  • mcflyyouscared

    Poor brainwashed americans and their 2party dictatorship…zzzzzZzzzzz….

  • You stupid niggers ruined the country!

    jk. I’m just fucking with y’all. My president is black! My bike is too. And I be got damned if my spokes ain’t too!

  • realtalk™

    Celebrate it like your votes actually makes a difference in government decisions.. celebrate, puppets!

  • mc604

    hahaha pedro 2016…..but serioulsy Obama is the best for all. think about the future. Why the fuck would you want romney..

  • naoshad


    You do know that the Republican House of Reps have stopped Obama from getting rid of that right?

  • decriminalized

    im from mich too n live in gr. we decriminalized that good shiit bitchhhhh…. oh yea, n we live in a control system. fuck 2 parties n fuck tha gov

  • yaboypaul


  • Fathom the Wizardry

    cosign @ nahoshad

    @ yesssir is an example of someone who knows not what they speak of yet offers talking-point opinions and prolly voted that way too. It’s fucking sad these people don’t know the level of their ignorance.

    Will all the Fox News loving drones who believe the drivel & unlimited polls just shut the fuck up and admit they followed the herd. Pay closer attention and don’t limit your “news” sources next time. Ah, fuck it. There’s no hope for ya’ll. Ya’ll still think Obama is socialist and from Kenya. Go to Europe and then tell me Obama’s a socialist.

  • Fathom the Wizardry

    @ (l,k) A great part of the problem lies in the fact that had Obama not signed the NDAA Bill, our military men, women, suppliers, and contractors for the military would have gone unpaid until a new bill was wrangled out in Congress. Considering the Repubublicans & Tea Party focus on making Obama a one-term President, they would have taken their time about it, no matter the harm to our military men and women and bashed Obama for it even though it was THEM that wrote it and passed it.

    Also must remember it’s Congress that writes and passes these bills, not the President, and Obama did the best he could by signing the bill and issuing a signing statement declaring that he felt it unconstitutional and would not uphold it.



  • vic vic

    ^fuck no to most of that shit


    ^some1 doesnt like gov, u wit dat “FUK GOV” bullshit? yea, lets go wit anarchy. worked for my people…. WAIT

  • Damn

    YAY !!!

    Lets continue to be Slaves to our masters that brought over HIV & got us sick & killed Innocent people & involved in false flag Events.





    dam dumasses, there wont b a world order, dum fuks, how u supposed to control the million places like somalia? we can barely control ourselves

  • LCM

    Wow, I can’t believe how incredibly stupid the majority of Americans are. This idiot has increased the national deficit by 5 trillion dollars – he’s done in three years what it took Bush to do in eight. He’s given illegal aliens amnesty, for their youth to compete for jobs and schooling along with Americans citizens. He has completely ignored our constitution and circumvented congress by passing measures via executive order. Totalitarianism at its best. He abandoned our diplomate and agents in Libya who were pleading for additional security. Unemployment for the nation is at a all time high. While unemployment for blacks is at least twice the national average at 15 percent. I could go on, but what’s the use. The people who voted for him will be responsible for the further decline and demise of a once great nation. People, vote for integrity, truth and competency, not for handouts and color. Peace!

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ People like you only tell half the story and you give talking points you heard on the news but you dont say WHY. Why was the country in the condition it was in when Obama took office. Didnt the president walk into a recession? Weren’t republicans in favor of extending the Bush Tax cuts to millionaires at the tune of 5 trillion anyway? Wouldn’t their plan then and now (The Ryan plan) actually make the economy worse because its the same damn plan? You think Obama made the decision to add to the debt by himself or did multiple people in government agree with Obama’s spending decisions? Wouldn’t a republican also add trillions to the debt due to the deficit and the free fall in the economy? Did Romney actually give a plan on creating jobs? When has his trickle down theory ever produced jobs in america at a rate fast enough or effective enough to do better in four years then what Obama did (and consider the recession and job loss rate by 08)? Did you get your info about Libya from the news or someone who actually has investigated from within the state department? Didn’t america always have an unemployment rate? Whats the average rate of unemployment going in, through and coming out a recession? Tens of millions of people voted for Obama, you mean to tell me none of them are intelligent? The majority just want a handout or voted simply because of race? You really believe Romney when he implies 47% of people want handouts? Instead of a stable economy with good paying jobs? Especially when the economy is fighting its way out of a recession? Like you said I could also go on but dont just repeat what you heard some haters tell you. Go talk to people that voted for Obama from different backgrounds and social class and get a clearer understanding on why they voted for him.

  • the real truth

    @fuckface 1st we do gotta NBA team dumb ass, not to mention one of the best point guards of all time is from here, 2nd hate on Drake all you want he’s still killin the game n is more popular then any rapper in the game right now, n we got lyrical rappers who spit content Shad, K-os and Saukrates just cause ur ignorant ass doesnt know bout them doesnt mean they dont exist, finally I cant argue bout the weather but I’d trade weather for free health care, longer life expectancy, a higher average house hold networth value, cheaper tuition and not being hated around the world. Besides if i want warm weather I can go to Cuba for real cheap. Consider it bro contrary to ignorant American belief Canada has big cities (Toronto 5th biggest city in North America) and lots of multiculturalism its not segregated like ur blue white and red