• blvkhipp1e

    snow got next

  • crenshaww

    been a 3 6 mafia fan since day one. dj paul back. snow tha product killed it too

  • AgowAntafenog

    DOPE shit shawty

  • WokeArbie

    Damnnnn, snow goes. Thanks for the support. :)

  • http://yahoo.com In5AnE

    i really dig this chick shes the shit but this guy...naw man...got it twisted...i need to get on a track with this girl cuz wed be unstopable

  • WokeAsFuck

    damn idk bout DJ Paul but snow she sick af in this video and verse. who ever edited the song shoulda lowered the music volume kus at parts u cant really understand. but shit my baby snow is to dope

  • Woketek

    Snow went in on this