J. Cole Announces Born Sinner Project

blame it on Meka November 6, 2012

Taking to his the Twitter tonight J. Cole announced that he will (tentatively) drop a new project, Born Sinner, on January 28th (hit down bottom for that particular shot).

  • $$$

    That leftover lasagna, boooooy.

  • disdatfiya

    67 +13 x 0 = number of blankets

  • Cali760

    Hopefully its as good as Kendricks album and isn’t forced to make radio singles!
    Let the man do the music he wants!

  • D39

    But the world is going to end Dec 21st!

  • marty mcfly

    @Cali760, his first album was what he wanted because he wrote and recorded those songs himself. Hopefully the next album is alot better but stop with the Jayz forcing him to do this or that. J Cole did what he wanted first time around.

  • dat troof

    cole officially ILLUMINATED now. its over for these fuck niggas

  • Chris Mac

    January 28th is his birthday

  • EricDean

    What’s up with all these religious themed songs and albums now? Rick Ross really opened the door, huh?

  • 2412

    dope way to reveal album. about time for some new cole!

  • lol

    No one’s looking for your music faggot

  • Cali760

    @marty You really believe he originally thought of making a track like “Workout”?
    Hell no.

  • Atlantic Sea Child

    why? can someone tell me the reason why nobody is talkin about the instrumental at the end of the video¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿
    gooooooood damn…suckers

  • Squirtle

    Yo! @EricDean hit the nail on the head! I personally despise this trend of religious themed songs and albums that’s been goin on it’s corny as fuck !!! This video mad stupid boring with stupid ass piano music WTF

  • malcyvelli

    yup, i said to mysely why is everybody doing religious shit, it definitely is getting corny

    • Sdb

      Cuz GOD is the truth… Your fault if you have your own belief..

  • Religionous

    Rick Ross opened the door????? Huh.. What??? Uh… No! U closed minded fools/fool think Rick Ross opened the door to the religious themed songs/albums as of late!?! Think again.

  • JPM

    @malcyvelli People BEEN makin religious stuff.. “Jesus Walks” for example.. and random shouts to God in songs.. No one trips about people talking about bangin gettin old.. or talks of money gettin old.. New era, new things..

    BTW whats up homie lol

  • CAP



    hyped fo this shiyyet

  • Btys

    Is this an album or a Mixtape ?
    And mannnn I really hope he hasn’t been sucked into this demonic crap going on in the industry

  • dreamvillian

    Cole whole theme has been relegion/good vs bad since he started as a rapper good vs bad, heaven vs hell…why you think his logo has horns & the halo…cole would be the perfect one to make a religion themed album other than the fakes (ross, game) etc

  • dreamvillian

    2face would have been a perfect song for this album…damn

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    cant hit like hard enough.. this guy ia THE REAL. hes the real FUCKEN thing. no kendrick lamar, no big krit, no nobody touching him on wax. hes here to stay

  • $$$

    Can we please not hype it and just chill out with the music that we already have for 2 1/2 months? Thanks.

  • Mike

    Dope visual

  • das

    born sinner, opposite of a winner, remember when i used to eat sardines for dinner?

  • j

    It’s not an album guys just something to get his buzz up again, prob be really dope then come summer he prob drop some big sean or wiz type album lol.. a lot of pressure on sophomores still

  • Boom

    dude just said Kendrick not seeing Cole on wax.. lol.. niggas just be talking.. but anyway.. how can you watch this video & think Cole is on some demonic/illuminatic sh*t.. if anything he’s showing he’s going back to his roots.. he been about religion since day one.. i can tell he going back to that REAL.. that religion rap is what the game need.. eliminate that fabricated sh*t!

  • Damn

    Everyone is born PURE , its up to you to be a sinner .

    I’m guessing cole sold out LOL .

  • Cee2

    @Damn No everybody is born with Adam’s sinful nature. You’re not pure until you’re baptized and born again

  • FakirWise

    That beat sounds like it’s going to be something else! Looking forward to this project. This is a subject I like.

  • swish15

    truth hurts. smh head at all these people calling religion corny.

  • Child

    If yall havent notice, religion concepts are beginning to take center stage. It’s been going on for awhile, but it’s just now starting to come full force from artist such as the whole t.d.e camp, big krit, the game, jay-z-kanye, rick ross, pusha t, etc. Religion is going to be a huge topic of discussion in hip hop, in these coming years, i guarantee. If yall cant see that, yall are blind. Game just dropped a song called HOLY WATER, Kendrick Lamar has a prayer to Jesus on GKMC, BIg KRIT has that southern Preaching style in him, Ab-soul dropped NIBIRU, Jay-z-kanye- NO CHURCH IN the WILD.and the list goes on. Gemstones just got saved. Rappers are turning to religion more than ever. Look for more religious based artist poppin up on the scene, their time is coming. Rap/hip-hop music is changing AGAIN. There is a gospel rapper who is taking the entire bible and is putting the stories to music. from genesis to revelation. I heard it and im here to tell everyone, when this kid drops this project, (7 disc album) This will be the best hip hop/rap album EVER. Be on the look out for this kid, he gonna start dropping some music here and there in the next few months, maybe even on this site. Mark my words. He coming.

  • Hopefully it’s more Friday Night Lights than Sideline Story. Should be dope. Click my name though.

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  • Coop

    To all yall sayin religious themed albums n songs r corny. Think about it. Would u rather hear about guns money n sex, or something that really makes a purpose in ones life. And another thing. since the beginning of rap, there has always been a era for a different topic of discussion. It was partying

  • Coop

    From partying to relationships to gang violence, to big money n cars to growin up in the hood. Now its

  • Coop

    Now its about your struggles spiritually. Thats a good thing