KiD CuDi – Just What I Am f. King Chip (Video)

blame it on Illy November 6, 2012

First clip off Cudi’s upcoming Indicud album.

  • KingRJ

    Anyone see the Eye on the pyramid at like 3:34-3:35 tho???? Cray

  • Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight


  • j

    @KingRJ yeaaah i seen that, caught me off guard still

  • raider

    @KingRJ oh shit just replayed that part and seen it

  • Patwill

    The pyramid is there multiple times along with the all seeing eye

  • nc0310

    I fuck with cudi man. This is some chillin on the weekend type shit

  • skrill83

    such a dope track and awesome visuals…next album purchase is right hur

  • Y’all didn’t see the devil with the horns at 3:37, huh? What the fuck is going on here?


    Steph’s right, doing this stuff in videos is so unnecessary. What are you trying to spread?

  • Ills

    Bull horns on Chip at 0:43 in…

  • 93

    Mac Miller? @ 3:19

  • jus saying

    Chips face turns into skeleton right before horns at 0:42. Lol.
    Just a way to stir up talk. I still fux with the track heavy. dont look too deep into it

  • agonyc

    any artist perpetrating illuminatti membership or using illuminatti imagery is TROLLING you. Fucking sheep.

  • Mac Dre


  • Johnman

    co-sign @agonyc
    it’s old news, but u people are still looking for the images & signs. don’t u get it by now? hip-hop is the illuminati. it only exists in the music & videos.

  • 1hunnit

    Interesting.. if you pause at exactly 3:35, along with the eye, there is a message that says “We see all”. I honestly don’t care about the imagery and what not, dope song, cool video..just making an observation tho, lol

  • Notadick

    Still not feeling it..

  • Alex

    Typical Cudi. Fire as always

  • bigErn

    All that subliminal image shit is doing what it always does; stirring the pot and getting you guys talking

  • truth

    that video shoot was probly fun as shit. getting fucked up with hot bitches, and chilling with kid cudi and chip tha ripper.