• lala

    Kendrick sold more...dope as hell...he deserves it.

  • http://twitter.com/FlyScraper Armand.

    I was watching that fucking movie at this girl's house. She had it on when I got over there. I had just left two bars, feeling right. Then, I see that movie on. Shit killed my vibe.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Sounds about right

  • Ssers

    What movie?

  • roz

    didnt this nigga say he was gon do a milli first week lmao

  • Chicago

    Why is Kendrick selling more than Meek Mill "dope as hell"? I guess Meek isn't "real" hip hop to you. Why even bring that up in a Meek Mill post. Why not just congratulate Meek on some good sales for a debut album? I'm the last person to call someone a dickrider or a hater because I know everybody has different opinions but, "Kendrick sold more…dope as hell…he deserves it." that comment cheesed me.

  • Chicago

    Kendrick selling a lot of records was dope, it wouldnt be any less dope if Meek sold even more though.

  • nc0310

    Kendrick sold more than Meek?! Thats blows my mind.. Congrats to K Dot.

  • stanley

    Gays didnt buy Meek Mill album because.hr.said "no homo" on a track. Music for everybody sales more!

  • j

    3million downloads huh.. game got 1 million downloads on a mixtape and dint even do 100,000..

  • http://RapRuler.com Jerel

    Click my name for a review of the album. Also, don't do drugs.

  • Crenshawatmidngiht

    @chicago Cheese me what does that mean? that shit sounds mad corney don't nobody from Chicago talk like that

  • http://twitter.com/jjbro1 JJBro1

    plus meek had all those ads on MTV and ESPN.

  • amazing

    congrats to kendrick lamar


    I didnt even know this was coming out or that it was even his first album. Should've had better promo.

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  • j

    Meeks album was right in the middle of the east coast storm. a lot of people couldn't buy the album in NY and up north. not saying he woulda sold more than Kendrick but that does matter, a lot.

  • lolo2

    and people forget easily that they said meek will sale more than kendrick

  • And 1

    I bought this and gkmc, why we gotta compare every 2 rappers?

  • realtalk™

    Meek sucks.. uninspired music.. #2 good for him tho..

  • NYdreams

    with all the hype meek mill has in the streets... thats kinda low...but to be fair this album was promoted very poorly....

  • hehe

    shout mill's album suckes. so uninspired and cliche, but congrats on the #2. cant hate on that at all.