Pac Div – Cross-Trainers f. Kendrick Lamar & Blu

blame it on Meka November 6, 2012

Easily the biggest draw of Pac Div’s upcoming GMB is this mammoth West Coast collaboration featuring K. Dot and Blu. Props to X.

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  • nice to see blu and kendrick on the same track despite the beef with schoolboy.


    such a dope song, def one of my favs out right now

  • Big-O


  • tshort

    @Preme – I think kendrick realizes he can work with a dope ass artist for once in Blu, not that dumbass black hippy shit.


  • tshortisadummy


  • GeeZuP

    Not really feelin the beat that whaling sound throughout is annoying as fuck, the rhymes are straight tho

  • Asada

    Niggas who choose side in beef are women at heart

  • Asada

    Niggas who choose sides in beef are women at heart

  • kennyis22

    that whaling sound throughout really kills the track. the beat and song would be dope without it.

  • Tshort is a flip

    @tshort S.A.F.E ass nigga

  • 2dope4nope


  • A!Re$1DeR

    Where’s Kendrick’s verse?

  • wat

    This was even doper than I expected. Wow.

  • EAG

    Tha theramin is tht sound it sounds ill new west!!!! Hahahaha nwa!!!!!!!! Its at tha 3 min mark kdots verse


    he has the last verse ofc, like all the other features he is on


    Honestly… and I didn’t see this coming… I thought BeYoung handled this

    Kendrick’s whole verse & flow seemed out of place on the track

  • dgong

    Wack. Pac div sluffs on beats

  • Got kinda let down with this track. It was good, but it wasn’t as dope as it should’ve been. Beats aight too.

  • ^ this.

    blu’s verse sounded like it was recorded elsewhere and the mix had to save the shitty quality of his vox. kendrick’s verse didn’t seem like it fit the mood of the song either. it’d would’ve been more fitting if he rhymed like on his collab w/ melo-x or his bring the pain freestyle. all in all, pretty disappointed at to what i thought was gonna be some epic ‘just begun’ w/ j. cole + electronica type shit.

  • Wu Tang

    kendrick learning from dr.dre. He teached him to work with niggas who got beef with your homie.

  • 3much4thesehoes

    beats whack as fuck. songs whack. another fail from PD.

  • NoWuff

    After mentioning that whaling sound it’s all I can hear. Not feeling this at first but I feel like it’s the kind of thing that might grow on me. Lamar’s part wasn’t bad but it gave it a cypher feel.

  • RapPizzaNikesHomies

    fuckkkk if only I had never read that comment bout the whaling sound.

  • nowayjose

    man this shit is boo boo cheeks. but i suppose anything with k.dots name on it can do no wrong in the eyes of the hypebeasts.

  • jimmy

    track is nice, i could have done without kendricks wack little part tho

  • Lava King Neechi

    Don’t be dissapointed because the song didn’t fit your expectation (box) the songs is awesome, appreciate it for what it is.

  • Antyon

    Still excited for the upcoming tape

  • jimsie

    man, the mix on this song is all cluttered especially during the chorus…its like some public enemy gone wrong

  • M*

    Flows for days !

    Some one edit/remix the beat