Peter Jackson – HELP f. Joe Budden & Emerson Brooks

blame it on Meka November 6, 2012

The Toronto native is currently working on a new album Fresh Start, and for the latest single he grabs Jumpoff Joe for a little assistance.

  • niggapwease

    That dude is a frightener for real! His rhymes are as big as king kong…dead or alive, this man is a heavenly creature and the lord of the ring naw mean? Dis nigga makes me want to meet the feebles and have some of them lovely bones…he won’t leave a bad taste in ya mouth…


  • JoshTims

    this is a great record very solid work

  • hungryandbroke

    this is mad wack … this is why Toronto gets clowned. I respect the mans hustle, but every time there is a decent hiphop show in the Durham area (region east of Toronto) this wack ass dude opens. Just saying! Keep doing your thing tho, just come correct!

  • TonyBless

    @HungryandBroke: I was gonna say haters will always hate on those who do it well… And then i read your name and understood why you say n do the things you do. Best of luck to you in your struggles man.

    Meanwhile, PJ is steady doing things you and millions of other aspiring rappers only wish and dream of day to day. Flip to the back page of your rhymebook n take some notes.

  • hungryandbroke

    lol … what you consider well, I consider weak. Consider it constructive criticism. 1980s baby, so real recognize real. This shit aint my demographic. I’m not saying dude can’t get better, I just didn’t like this. And FYI, id rather produce than rap anyday of the weak! Go study some good music you groupie! PJ is the next Drake, and that’s not a compliment. Big up the real T.O heads (or at least my favs), Kardinal, Saukrates, Infinite, Rascalz … etc

  • LateNights

    This is real music, congrats PJ , ya PJ opens all the shows in durham he also brings them down. He also opens across the country. Far from wack, crazy thing is ive watched him grown into a better artist with every song.