• beyenesausage

    What a great interview.

    Asher's best verse? That verse from "Im Beamin"!!!

    Shit was wild.

    My immortal take the form of the aura borealis or a floral pattern more a less the forest to your salad.

  • Danny

    My aura*

    But yeah, this interview fuckin' rules. So pumped I get to meet Ash in 9 days

  • http://twitter.com/hayabusaage hayabusa

    Asher Roth new album Y U NO DROP???

  • Architect

    Asher should make a mixtape with the alchemist!!

  • Metal165

    Damn shame what happens to these great artists' getting shunned. bad managing(Scooter)having his priorities else where.so many other artists'-this is happening to as well

  • Davey

    another Rosenberg suck fest, i'm really getting sick of the way he acts. when i first started listening to Juan Ep, he wasn't that bad but lately it's just him getting nerdier & geekier & just kissing their asses