Introducing Lady Gaga’s Version Of Kendrick Lamar’s “B*tch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” (Video)

blame it on Meka November 7, 2012

We feel bad about killing your vibe, so here’s the demo you never got to hear. And the chillun in Rio, and backstage in Colombia. – Paul Blair (Lady Gaga’s DJ)

Obviously this is an unfinished (hence, the whole “demo” part) version, but can we please get a mastered (what up, MixedByAli?) audio version of this track, like, yesterday?

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  • Q

    Nah it sounds way better with Kendrick on the hook kinda doesn’t even make since with her doing it

  • Q


  • RSX

    Visited two sites trying to hear the abomination to no avail.

    God doesn’t want me to taint Kendrick with Gaga

  • jza

    na that was pretty dope. like em both a lot cuz it’s just a dope song. from a sales standpoint i have no idea why he took her off. it’s not like it even sounded anything like a lady gaga song with her on it.

  • 36 Chambers

    I like the album version much better, gaga ruins the track

  • Album version is way better, idk why she got left off but it was definitely a good thing

  • Neezy

    ehh…Anna Wise & Kendrick>>Lady Gaga on this hook…better left untouched

  • The God Poet

    I prefer the album version

  • asdf

    look how many automatic dope votes it got since it has “kendrick lamar” in the title

  • HH

    she wasnt allowed to.
    her label sad no to the feature that just happend when they hang out in the studio …
    BUT thank her label for that, she dont ruins the song but she’s definitely necessary.

  • HH


  • veesky

    I agree with HH, I don’t think she sounds bad but on certain parts her vocals kinda overpower the track…she just wasn’t the best fit.

  • Turtle

    I like the album version better, but with a very big BUT. This is very unfinished. I think it could be wicked dope if the kinks were worked out. Her second take on the chorus, for example, was much better than the first. I’m with Meka, hoping for a finished version of this.

  • bradster

    apparently it got left off because tde wanted her to change her verse and she didnt want to

  • osi

    that shit was wack good thing she wasn’t on the album version. I would probably listen to the song a lot less

  • MFZoned

    @bradster that was never said, I’d also find it hard to believe she had anything to do with writing any parts of the song. Maybe she added the change in the 2nd chorus, but thats about all I could believe.

    As far as this song I prefer the album version, but would like to hear a finished mix of this.

  • picky

    that shit just made my head hurt its all ehhhhehehehehfhrhdfjhf i like the album version better its smoother…btw i bought the album when it came out ..DID YOU ????????

  • it’s karl nigga

    when lady gay starts singing it might as well just be a loud queef sound because i aint listening to that horse shit. Obama is elected bitches! “2 Termz” in my 2 Chainz voice. Mccain didn’t stand a chance in this fucking election, but sara palin sure was fun to look at. I’d stick my 11 inch black python in her snatch any day.

  • sam

    I liked the album version way more, but this is just a demo, so it’d probably turn out to sound more like the album version with the finished version. Tbh, B*tch, Don’t Kill My Vibe is probably my fav joint of the album so I’d like to keep it the way it is cause it’s that dope.

  • Davey

    could have been any old singer, she doesn’t add ANYTHING to it at all IMO

  • LupeX

    Holy sh!t. It’s actually good. Now Im looking sidewayz @ the TDE camp, they obviously kicked her off the project to keep it ‘street’. Which in my book = NOT KEEPIN’ IT 100.

  • instrumental

    this is good. everybody talking like they know how music works. you cant really sing this hook cos vocals dont work

  • Frylock

    lady gaga is off key on the hook, which makes sense since it is a demo version. i’ll reserve my absolute judgement till a mastered version comes out. but right now im gonnahave to go with the album version.

  • dr

    very bad

  • MrWIll

    The video is dope. The song…nope.

  • dat troof

    both versions by these hermaphrodites are wack

  • jhock420

    I agree the original is much better, glad they cut it.

  • kayo

    You idiots saying she ruined it don’t realize it’s UNFINISHED, obviously it/she sounds like shit (like most pop “singers” do nowadays minus all the mixing/auto-tune/other effects on their voices).. sounds like it would’ve been dope if mastered/mixed well. either way, it’s dope without her

  • Leuitrim Rexhaj

    Obviously the album version is better because it has been mastered and the vocals have been re-done and matched the the beat perfectly. Her singing on this demo is pretty damn good and I would’ve loved if she had been there instead of Anna Wise, if anything just to get Kendrick even more attention. Her feature alone may have pushed Kendrick to 300k in his first week. It’s honestly a huge milestone if Kendrick can get to platinum

  • Bezzle

    Am I the only person to realize that @it’s karl nigga said “Obama is elected bitches! “2 Termz” in my 2 Chainz voice. Mccain didn’t stand a chance in this fucking election, but sara palin sure was fun to look at” … dude r u fucking kidding me?!?! Seriously, you’re aware that Obama was elected to his 2nd term but thought he was running against McCain and that Sara Palin was still relevant in the world of politics? The retardation of the people who comment on here is absolutely insane. Idiots like you “nigga karl” are the reason people hate on Obama purely because he’s half black, for real if you’re that fkn stupid you should stop visiting this site to post idiotic comments and visit to actually learn something. Goddamn is this country fucked up.

    • it’s karl nigga

      I probly facefucked your mom

  • brite

    look at all the retards defending that fat ass white bitch. it’s okay she sounds like shit it’s a demo. nigga, if it sounds shit on the demo then the bitch sounds like shit. Autotune mastering whatever audio manipulation won’t change the fact she sounds like pisswater

    shit sucked ass balls tits vagina and dick

  • NYdreams

    this sounded good.. not better than the album version but it was a demo (lady gagas singing on this was great)… its kinda crazy tho that the lady gaga featured song turned out to be the best song on the album

  • BL

    wow this sounds horrible compared to the version that is on the album

  • who cares

    Right when it started I had to turn that shit off. Gaga has absolutely no voice.

  • noah

    SO BAD

  • Kendrick version better hands down!!!!! I’m glad they took her off, that was God awful, She just killed my Vibe!

  • kingg

    not bad but the album version is better…kdot bloowwinn upp!

  • STEeezy mthafucka

    sounds terrible

  • JAyP

    Thank You BRITE LOL! I am a big Kendrick fan but some of ya try to find the good in everything when his name is behind it LOL smh

    perfect example the DOPES & NOPES it will be a SIN if we scrolled passed a Kendrick post and seen more NOPES than DOPES LOL!

  • kbiz

    Sounds like she has a cold or something… Which you can’t really fix “in the mix”. If she redid it, which I think might have been the intent (it’s a demo) then maybe it would work. As it is though… Tonewise, her voice just isn’t “there”.

  • MMhmmm

    Thank goodness that didn’t happen. That bitch killed the vibe.

  • dee

    yeah actually if they put the effects that they put on kendricks hook on hers it could sound dope, she just did the timing kind of weird. But the album version is definitely better.

  • And 1

    fell on my face and awoke with a scar, another regret living deep in my heart

  • J

    Kendrick version better y’all stfu. Still his album and he still wrote d shit and spit the verses. jus sayin This really woulda been Left field if it made it. Never heard no gaga shit but I respect her respect for the West and hip hop comin out of left field wit it

  • Mikael

    The words “Lord forgive me” don’t sit right in Gaga’s mouth.

  • Max

    Frankly I like it.

  • mirailyan

    Lady Gaga sounds good for me
    throwing aside little nothings

  • eddbot

    gaga feature does not equal sales, see: attention deficit

  • Alexander Skye

    Heard this shit on HHDX. It’s so whack. Even if it was mixed, she honestly just doesn’t do the melody or flow right.

  • Terry

    So glad she wasn’t on the album

  • Pops

    Doesn’t sound bad, but prefer the album version. Might feel differently if I were to hear an actual mastered version of this.

  • lady g your fucking garbage no wonder u didnt want this out .. wow just shows how fake some artist really are. give them a little lane and they blow up like ur not that talented ahhhhh what has the world come to and before u dissed kendrick i used to back u up when people would say ur shit i didnt listen to ur stuff but i respected u as an artist for writing ur own shit and not caring what people thought about u. but when u do shit like this it really shows how much of a drown rat u really are fuck.

  • bigErn

    why judge this? isn’t the final cut. I will say I didn’t initially feel the chemistry, but it’s unpolished anyway. MOOT

  • eww


  • dirk

    bitch killed the vibe of that song.

  • Lendrick Kamar

    YO I think . . .

    Kendrick & TDE took her off the album to not loose us, the fans. We would go “aah, Lady Gaga on the major label debut, what a sellout to boost numbers” . ..

    Kendrick himself wanted Gaga on it because he fucks with her shit and her person,
    BUT he knew people wouldn’t understand that and he
    couldn’t take the idea of his major label debut becoming
    an album people would look upon and think “Yeah, it was good but pop ambitions with Gaga on it” so he did the EXACT same song
    (except this 2nd chorus thing) so people couldn’t doubt him.

    I think the album version has a better singer (Anna Wise).
    BUT it’s so dope that one of the worlds best rappers
    and one of the worlds best pop artists have a DOPE song
    together; we need this MixedByAli and mastered !

  • Lendrick Kamar

    ..he did the EXACT same song
    (except this 2nd chorus thing) BUT WITH ANOTHER SINGER so people couldn’t doubt him…

    I’m tired shit, travellin a lot does that 2u


    I like her singing it…

  • Grizzle

    Considering it’s just a demo IT AIN’T THAT BAD

  • schoolboywithattitude

    I don’t think it’s bad at all. But after listening to the whole album, the album version of the song just fits better with the rest of the album. The hook is simply meant to be sung by Kendrick and I think this version of the song doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the album. That said, I still can’t wait to see future collaborations between the two.