A$AP Rocky Ranks Kanye West Albums (Video)

blame it on Illy November 8, 2012

A$AP Rocky checked into the L.A. Leakers studio and sat down with Justin Credible to talk about his L.A. crib as well as a discussion on Kanye West where he ranked his favorite and least favorite efforts from the G.O.O.D. Music rapper.

  • swizz beats

    this nigga ridin asaps dick tooo hard

  • The U.N. is Nasty

    How is The College Dropout not your favorite?

  • AirMagicMamba

    I have to say I like Late Registration and MBDTF more than College Dropout

  • Metal165

    MBDTF isn’t that amazing to me.But Late Registration is undeniable classic(my fav)

  • who cares

    1. Late Registration 2. College Dropout
    That’s it. Kanye only has 2 albums in my eyes.

  • Gengar

    I like all of ye’s albums but my personal favorite by far is MBDTF

  • xyz123

    Lol.. All the underground fags only like his first two albums… Of course.. My favorite album is Graduation. I couldn’t put the rest in any type of order. They’re honestly all too good. I just know what graduation did for me.

  • Stopit5

    I DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS GUY AT ALL! ….. College Dropout was “artsy shit” ?????? WTF???? lmao

    Mannnnn.. College Dropout is a classic album hands down!… Also… if it wasn’t for 808s … Drake would still sound like COMEBACK SEASON!!! You’re welcome Drake & 40.

  • Frylock

    college dropout is favorite, it was his most realist album. @xyz123 eat a dick nigga your one of the only fags on here that puts graduation as your favorite.

  • BounceB

    1.College Dropout
    3.Late Registration
    808s and Heartbreaks is his worse effort barely any replay value and MBDTF is good but not as potent to the culture as his first three efforts…

  • Daniel

    1) Graduation
    2) College Dropout
    3) My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    4) Late Registration
    5) 808s & Heartbreak
    **Watch the Throne (HM)

    This is so difficult, it depends on the day really.

  • Gen

    Late Registration
    College Dropout
    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    808’s & Heartbreak

  • midwestbeast

    graduation was his worst album to date.
    1. Late Registration
    2. College Drop Out
    3. College Drop Out/Late registration promos (Who got it???? i lost these a while ago)

  • broadmind

    Late registration never gets old. All time classic

  • Read a book

    College Dropout. That’s it.

  • mybadGski

    as classis albums


    but as my taste goes in music

    dropout :/

    please don’t shoot me backpackers

  • 3much4thesehoes


    1. “Say You Will” – Banger
    2. “Welcome to Heartbreak”
    3. “Heartless” – Banger
    4. “Amazing – Banger
    5. “Love Lockdown” – Banger
    6. “Paranoid” – Banger
    7. “RoboCop” – meh
    8. “Street Lights” – banger
    9. “Bad News” – banger
    10. “See You in My Nightmares” – banger
    11. “Coldest Winter” – Banger

  • Marty McFly

    @ xyz123 – underground fags? Haha someone is insecure with themselves. Kanye got a taste of fame/money and has sold out ever since Late Registration. College Dropout was on some real shit that the everyday person can relate to.

    1. College Dropout
    2. Late Registration
    3. Graduation
    4. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    5. 808 & Heartbreaks (This honestly shouldn’t even be on the list, its that bad)

  • MusicHead

    1. Late Registration
    2. Graduation
    3. College Dropout
    4. 808s & Heartbreak
    5. MBDTF

    Their all classics … but MBDTF is the worse classic..actually overrated while 808s is underrated .. It was like Kanye made a whole diff new genre with that album…and musically it open the doors for songs like Lost In The World & other songs on MBDTF.

  • you

    1. Late Registration
    2. MBDTF
    3. Graduation
    4. College Dropout
    5. 808s & Heartbreak

    College Dropout has to be the most overrated album in hop hop, for real. Its certainly a good album, but really, the rhymes are pretty basic. And the beats aren’t even his best. Plus there’s a lot of annoying shit on there.

    Late Registration = definite classic.

  • Isaac

    Late Registration and College Dropout.

  • schuyler

    @stopit, he was talking about graduation being the artsy shit, they were just talking about a couple of albums at once so it was hard to catch.

    1. graduation
    2. college dropout
    3. late registration
    4. mbdtf
    5. 808’s

    none of the albums are bad, but i will say that 808’s wasn’t up my alley, but i do understand that we had to let the man go through that phase to get some of the best work of his career on the other side of it.

  • jobie

    without 808s there be huge difference in hip hop. Kendrick and drake wouldn’t be the same. even cole would have different sound. that album changed a lot. but honestly I think the real credit should go to kid cudi. dude changed the game with day n nite and his influence on 808s

    1. late reg
    2. mdtf
    3. cd grad 808s

  • 2

    1. college dropout
    2. late registration
    3. graduation