Joe Budden – More of Me f. Emanny (prod. Cardiak)

blame it on Illy November 8, 2012

First leak off A Loose Quarter out November 23.

  • Joey

    ALQ is out 11/23 not 1/22.. And this is fire.

  • Metal165

    Wow.He did it again

  • Dashboard

    He used this beat and hook before fuck outta here

  • 857

    If the rest of the mixtape is anything like this, then ALQ is gonna be the mixtape of the year!!

  • dummy

    I thought this was coming out this month and his album in January!? Did he change it?

  • dagawd

    Mixtape is 11/23 “Black Friday” – Album is 1/22. This song is flames tho, finally get some solo Joe – instead of the Slaughterhouse crap.

  • gbreeze

    Big Dick Budden back at it


  • Hankybobspanky

    All of Me part 2. And damn, his girl’s story is rather depressing.

  • AirMagicMamba

    Same sample he used on “All Of Me” and Kdot on “The Heart Pt 3”

  • Sonchiggity

    He had big shoes to fill on this classic, but he remade this well. Chills just like “All of me”.

    • huh

      Who’s shoes r those?

  • Nigga

    His own. The original all of me is a classic song in budden’s catalog. He plays it at practically every show.

  • lifted

    tracks cool..but pretty pathetic he gotta exploit his girl’s life cause he out of material. u mad?

  • nickd

    who would joe remake the song? who the fuck does that? Damn, im really dissapointed with joe on this one

  • Slaughterhouse

    Joey’s really one of the GOATs… Damn.

  • GeeZuP

    Not as good as All of Me but still dope Joey is one of the best to do it

  • D’troit

    How can anyone really hate this record? He bodied that ish with non-ignorant bullshit….

  • poetic assasin

    yall get mad at everything – song is crazy – will never top the original, but this is damn close.

  • poetic assasin

    and y think that he is exploiting her story – she is at the studio all the time with him, this could be therapy for her

  • jwiii

    this shit wouldn’t be released without her approval unless they were already split and he was venting.

  • j

    shits alright. always tried to get on Budden, hes just iight to me

  • poetic assasin

    @jwiii you must be his publicist or something – Budden is prob at his last draw with relationships gone bad- they are still together.

  • Supremeskillz

    Joey the God blessing you fools. People need to learn to appreciate real, touching, thought envoking music.

  • wikipedia

    wet n. a recreational drug made of marijuana, PCP, and formaldehyde …. Damn Joe!

    all in all…this is an incredible song… especially since ppl really wanted to know whats the deal with him and his girl


  • chuck

    none of you listened to this song?

    you missed out. this was dope.

  • Muzik

    7 minutes of perfect

  • piggface

    more of me..a part 2 to all of me you dumb fucks

  • alex

    7 minutes of pure bliss

  • Housegang

    Joey is definitely one of the best in the game. And hes givin us these incredibly high-quality songs for FREE.