• LexiCon

    God I hate autoplay videos!

  • brite

    Last fucking time, All BET vids are now fucking blocked. Adblock I love you.

    And fuck BET and everything to do with it. Fucking not like I'm missing anything.

  • Ignorant Genius

    I feel like Pharrell just tries extra hard to not look as young as he does but ends up looking homeless

  • lightsaberleg

    That dude look like he 19 but hes 40 somethin

  • kenzo

    pharrell: (on despicable me 2) ...fireworks come out on the fourth of july.
    dumb ass chick: YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, Y'ALL. JULY 4TH!
    pharrell: looks like i'm out of a job...

    fuck BET with their autoplay too.