Chris Brown – Nobody’s Perfect

blame it on Illy November 9, 2012

Chris Brown premiered his new single from his forthcoming project today on L.A.’s Power 106. His upcoming album, Carpe Diem, is due out early 2013.

  • NICE

    You faggots hate on everything he do! smh This song dope tho!

  • Rufus

    J. Cole already made Nobody’s Perfect, and its a whole lot better than this shit.

  • j

    These artist really scared of becoming irrelevant huh..

  • Basiclee

    ^^ its called hard work

  • david

    this his excuse for hittin Rihanna?

  • Rafae Sheikh

    ^ Pretty much.

  • Truuuuuuuuuuuu lol

    This dude is a trick. Wack as fuck

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  • Keep It Real

    ^^^^^^ Prime example of faggot ass haters!

  • 2

    skimming through this track was the worst 5 seconds of my life.

  • Tea

    Dude is overrated and a fucking fag.

  • Pimp Supreme

    Skrape dis nigga.