Chris Brown – Nobody's Perfect

Chris Brown premiered his new single from his forthcoming project today on L.A.'s Power 106. His upcoming album, Carpe Diem, is due out early 2013.

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  • NICE

    You faggots hate on everything he do! smh This song dope tho!

  • Rufus

    J. Cole already made Nobody's Perfect, and its a whole lot better than this shit.

  • j

    These artist really scared of becoming irrelevant huh..

  • Basiclee

    ^^ its called hard work

  • david

    this his excuse for hittin Rihanna?

  • Rafae Sheikh

    ^ Pretty much.

  • Truuuuuuuuuuuu lol

    This dude is a trick. Wack as fuck

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  • Keep It Real

    ^^^^^^ Prime example of faggot ass haters!

  • 2

    skimming through this track was the worst 5 seconds of my life.

  • Tea

    Dude is overrated and a fucking fag.

  • Pimp Supreme

    Skrape dis nigga.