• http://real-tube.net/blog/ knockout artist

    tight shit. nigga gettin money everywhere.

  • eZ

    fuck! he came to England... im pissed!

  • jza

    that bitch named sound quality is killing my vibe

  • nickatnite333

    ^^ sound quality on the iphone just aint cuttin it no more

  • NICE

    Looks like he's in a basement or some hole in the wall club

    Pusha >>>>> Kendrick

  • yup

    ^or it's a record shop like it says in the description and it's not a show, looks like a meet & greet/signing
    and as much as I like Pusha he can't get his album out on GOOD after all this time..maybe it would work better if it was a Clipse album.
    I don't see where the comparison come from anyway