Roc Marciano – Stop Me (prod. Just Blaze)

blame it on Illy November 9, 2012

This will not appear on Roc Marciano’s Reloaded project dropping November 13. Shouts to NahRight.

  • Bongwater

    but the album DID leak and its GOD DAMN FIIIIIIIIIIIRE

    support that shit on tuesday tho cause we nee to see more Roc Marc in 2013.. this niggas gonna fuckin kill it

  • dev

    this guy has one of the worst flows ever… but for some reason i like it?

  • internet rap critic

    exactly, this guys flow is incredibly boring, but somehow it works most of the time, makes it hard to listen to a whole album though. Roc is real dope sometimes though, especially small doses.

  • C-MACK11

    I was just about to say am I the only one who finds his flow boring and similar to Dr .Seuss? Lmao.

  • GeeZuP

    His flow does get hella boring but in small doses like dude said up top his shit is mad fire

  • detroit89

    best rapper out of new york right now

  • esnchlsptr

    Roc is similar to Skyzoo in that they have no inflection in their voices. Still they are two of the illest kats in the game. To say dude “has one of the worst flows ever” is without a doubt crazy. Dudes flow is redic

  • Keebo

    Chea haterrrrrs

  • Valbjørn

    him and Ka are definently the two best US rappers out now. To say his flow is boring just because it is not crazy animated in a corny type way just shows ignorance

  • bzse

    the people saying his flow is boring must be young kids who are used to hearing southern artists scream and shout

  • rnb

    his flow is on point. as his lyrics. im glad his doing his thing instead of making his flow a gimmick like most rappers nowadays.

  • BO

    This Shit Iz Wack …simple ass rhymes GTFOH!

  • WHAT!

    Ya’ll niggaz is corny if u think Marc is wack. Reloaded is by far Album of the Year. fuck what ya’ll niggaz say.

  • FOH

    People kill me. His flow is boring? Ok. But yall sucking off Kendrick and Asap and all these all whack dudes in the game. Exactly why Hip-Hop will never be the same, you people have no taste. Listen before you shun it.

  • uuhhh

    sounds just like Raekwon to me

  • b

    This nigga BO said “simple ass rhymes”. Wow. You are beyond retarded b.