Slaughterhouse – Goodbye (Video)

Directed by Rik Cordero

Shady's Four Horsemen drop another video from their welcome to: OUR HOUSE album, which is out now.

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  • wqq

    auto play videos are ruining this blog

  • @LikwidE

    Great video.

  • qtslim3000

    tight shit.

  • Skooby

    Really? How can people say this isn't dope? Wicked rhymes, wicked beat, good message. Oh wait, it's not about bitches and money. My bad.

  • Esther tahiry Reece

    Couldn't concentrate on anything but how fucking weird Joe Buddens beard /line up looks ......the fuck is that

  • Skooby

    Lmao @ Esther tahiry Reece - Imagine how high he has to shave to just to make it straight. Weird shit.

  • mc604

    hahah joey beard is fucked......good song, best approach for a music in my mind.

  • j_slayy

    this is hip-hop in its greatest form.

  • Jon

    Dope song and video. Not sure what Royce was doing tho

  • Jules

    Not sure about that emo-angel either. Damn I wish Joey Cracks verse was on the original.

  • AAA

    @ Esther , never really noticed but so true LOL

  • Thinker

    sooo, Nickel didn't have a verse? i didnt buy the album so i dont know. lol

  • war22

    @Thinker u should be ashame...really

  • idill

    that angel could get it.

  • aaahh!!! real niggas

    joey might be the only dude with a beard that covers 3/4ths of his face.


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