SpaceGhostPurrp’s Raider Klan & A$AP Mob Fight in Miami (Video)

blame it on Illy November 9, 2012

SpaceGhostPurrp’s Raider Klan and the A$AP Mob finally crossed paths at a recent LongLiveA$AP Tour stop in Miami at the Fillmore. Footage has surfaced from the altercation that night which shows Raider Klan getting into it with an A$AP Mob affiliate.

  • me

    thanks for the broken link you fucking dumb ass

  • This shit more unclear than SGP’s earlier mixtapes. All I could make out is gunshots and DAAAAD. Like a nigga watchin’ Menace II Society or some shit.

    I didn’t think those dudes went hard like that; SGP seem like he softer than twinkie filling. This “beef” unnecessary though. The rest of the rap world probably laughin at these niggas.

  • Love Below

    Shut the fuck up you ungrateful fuck. Don’t even open your mouth if you aint got nay-thin good to say. Youtube blocked it. Peace be wit us, this is how I blow off my steam

  • vlado

    @ScHoolBoyQ’s Deleted Tweet

    Last night was so corny. What type a n***a shoot in da air? Better yet who makes a scene in front of POLICE???? Kno damn well they gon break it up!!! CatcH a real fade smH

  • CABNumber

    SGP’s always been about the realness.

  • CABNumber

    SchoolBoy Q should keep out I can’t tell the real from the fack. SGP’s a real dude:

  • me

    @Love Below

    hahahah go hug a tree you fucking tool