Game – Cough Up a Lung (Video)

blame it on JES7 November 10, 2012

Game recorded this freestyle while out in NYC. Jesus Piece in-stores Dec 11th.

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  • rw

    This nigga so thirsty for a buzz. is what shyne said that serious nigga? one man’s opinion, on another nigga that aint even got shit to do with you? this nigga always been petty

  • hh_addict

    I kinda like these Game moves lately…nigga’s been doin his thing. Though, I don’t feel this aupcoming album

  • this shit real nice. just raw.

  • gum

    his most recent stuff has increased my hype for his project tbh

  • who cares

    Meh. What the fuck is up with this dude’s voice now? Sounds like he always got a throat infection.
    Side note: Am I the only one that thought of “Where I’m From” off “You Know What It Is Vol. 4” when I read that title?

  • j

    shouts to game, hes suspect sometimes but he cool though

  • ray

    @j nah you just a kendrick dickrider. if this was wayne doing this for some other rapper you would call him a clown. youre just dickriding

  • rizko

    DOpe! RAw shit!

  • Dope! Wait till Game drop another bomb tomorrow. #SundayService

  • mineisbigger

    jesus piece with a jesus piece….

  • j

    @ray im not even focusing on the kendrick bit.. seems you are though.. a bit salty yeah?

  • 2

    i wish he would stop talking about shyne. shyne is irrelevant who cares what he says. just make something half as good as the documentary or lax and i’m happy

  • She bout the section 8 n she wanna get her section ate. Hahahaha nice

  • swageezy

    “3 kids, all 3 closets all Niked out and i’m bi-polar, see 40 Glock – lights out” haha

  • Trill O’Reilly

    @J: yeah you were obviously dickriding Kendrick with your 1st comment. And you people that are glad that Game is dissing Shyne for no reason just remember that Game had Shyne on his last mixtape while trying to rap exactly like Shyne.

  • NYNupe

    Will you ever stop quoting Jay-Z?

  • This was cool

  • Mike

    I like the moves he’s making, Game beefing with Shyne? what? 40 Glocc and Game need to fight again lol

  • BennyBrick5

    Game has made suspect moves his whole damn career, but as soon as he does something stupid he revives himself by dropping dope shit like this. I fuck with it. I’m really hoping he drops some nice music with Jesus Piece, cause R.E.D. was the only album of his where I fuck with 3 cuts or less. I’d love to hear some of that Documentary/Doctor’s Advocate shit, so Game make it happen.

  • realtalk™

    seriously listen to this and that holy water track he dropped the other day.. i havent listened to him since the documentary but he’s been killin shit lately..

  • bullets

    has game ever said a verse without mentioning another rapper this niga is a stan and get off NY dick fuck that faggot blood shit …

  • Flip

    Game wil only be great if he goes back to his Cali nigga with a new york flow….He was on fire.

  • Harding Prime

    Shit’s dope, Period. Bi-Polar as a mutha fucka…

  • zachariah

    No one here mentioned the fact that his freestyle was RAW AS SHIT. Get over all the other stuff, he has a career because he can spit. Appreciate him for what he is, or feel free to listen to Ludacris’ new single…

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Boooo!! Trying too hard.