J. Cole Announces “Miss America” Single (Video)

blame it on Illy November 10, 2012

J. Cole is set to release the first single “Miss America” from his upcoming sophomore album Born Sinner this coming Tuesday, November 13 on iTunes.

  • Bigwill516

    I hope this album is dark as the title is

    • Btys

      Define dark

  • ThickEYEBrowZ

    bout time ….hope he takes over the winter leading into summer…ColeWORLD

  • first off fuck rick ross. because he was the first person i saw doing this half a minute trailer shit for a three minute youtube video.

    second this doesnt provide much hype.

    third… i dont know what you mean by dark big will but i hope he tackle some more of that real shit on this track to. not that superficial shit that you say to sound real. but that real real shit.

  • Q

    You’re expecting “real shit” from a album single from Cole after “Work Out”, “Can’t Get Enough”, and “Nobody’s Perfect”? Those songs seemingly worked for him so it’s probably something for females.

  • DX

    Does anyone have a clue as to if whether or not that Jay Elect will ever see the light of day. Damn Cole is already on number two what’s going on over there at Roc Nation.

    • Btys

      Lol man bow wow is more relevant then him …. Jay Electronica is 36 and still has no buzz it’s over for him

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  • KingKicks23


  • Zeebo

    they say they ready for whatever

  • Ignorant Genius

    @DX They’re probably not gonna let Jay drop unless he comes up with a hot single which I doubt he’s trying to do… J Cole apparently ain’t had no problem doing that shit

  • ray

    smh @ people still speculating about jay electronica. let it go damn. beating a dead horse like a mf

  • Zak

    Uhh, wasn’t the release date January 28th 2013, not next Tuesday?

  • Zak

    Never mind, the single has that date, got it.

  • JHP

    “The singles only the look to sell these niggas the book
    I can only pray that one day you’ll read into it” . Who cares if the first single caters to the women, if the rest of the album is gonna have the darker concepts and what not. And it’ll probably be a quality single as well, I highly doubt he’ll drop anything like Work Out again. Even though that song did grow on me, and ended up being a hit for Cole

  • cap

    JHP is a homo he likes work out!!! everyone exclude anything he ever says!

    • Trill O’Reilly

      @Cap: Bet you’re 1 of those Kendrick Lamar dickriders that only wants J. Cole to make depressing music all the time.

  • JPM

    No one seems to know how this shit works man, its funny. Its not Roc Nation holding Jay Elects release, its him. J Cole put the work in to get a buzz and then hot singles and now he’s popular. Jay Elect hasn’t been full focusing on music i guess and been traveling and shit, living life. Hes not gonna force music so it hasn’t come to that yet. J Cole put the work in to already have a 2nd album, hes ready for it.