Juelz Santana Announces New Mixtapes

blame it on Miss_Peas November 10, 2012

Juelz took to Twitter earlier to reveal that he’ll be dropping 2 new mixtapes called God Will’n vol. 1 and 2, instead of naming it Regan Era.

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  • IVO

    hasn’t this guy been out of rap for years????

  • j

    hello, lord willin? where your album at juelz how tity boi drop before you

  • chando.


    juelz got 3 studio releases fool.

  • Adi


  • mpls612

    after he and cam split. i felt like he wasn’t even trying anymore. hopefully his new shit sounds like he’s hungry again!

  • method

    I think this dude’s career was pretty hurt when lil wayne drove himself into the ground using his skateboard.
    Hope he can find another path, but where the hell is I can’t feel my face??? they got like 10 solid tracks

  • Man, i use to like this nigga. he was tight at first. now da nigga lazy af

  • NYdreams

    that nigga lyin… what happened to that mixtape that was supposed to drop like 10 years ago ??? this nigga got the detox effect going

  • HiLL


  • This nigga ain’t broke yet?

    @nydreams Hahah “detox effect” word