Saturday Night Sexy: Rosa Acosta

Twitter: @RosaAcosta

Stretch artist-turned-cover model/video vixen Rosa Acosta snapped a ton of sexy photos for XXL Magazine's Hottest Eye Candy in their 15th anniversary issue earlier this year and we've decided to share with you the flicks from the super hot photo shoot (there's also video). Ms. Acosta's "4 Rules of Comedy" photos for MAXIM are also pretty hot, too. Gotta love, Saturday Night Sexy.

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  • who cares

    I still consider her one of the baddest chicks I've seen. These pics are pretty meh though

  • BoshJamesWade

    Ah this one was too easy Shake. I'm used to you showcasing unknowns. Rosa is possibly the coldest eye candy model since Melyssa Ford. She has sooo many gifts.

  • this slore is old news tho..not sayin shes not fine but cmon son

  • mineisbigger

    xxl pics suck...should have posted the black men's tribute cover pic

  • Rafae Sheikh


  • NYdreams

    <33333 i fucks with rosa hard as fuck but those pics up there are kinda weak... but its rosa tho so u cant complain

  • jb

    I don't know if I could do any damage to that pussy. Her ass is so big I don't know if I dick would make it to her vagina

  • jb

    *replace I with my

  • moshizzle

    please bring back the old top-down format. i am so sick of clicking 20x to see the pictures... THANKS!!

  • kingg

    whats up with her breast at the 3rd picture ??

  • Mike Diesel

    It's a shame her body is fake...SMFH i don't even know what's real and fake nowadays.......regardless she is fucking beautiful

  • yp

    I'd smash no doubt, but without the fake ass and tits she's just a nice face. Remember not to put these video broads on a pedestal y'all..

  • roy

    what is this 2003

  • greg

    I'm surprised there isnt any autoplay music or some shit

  • flo

    any1 bitching bout auto play was probably born in the 90s you young bitch ass niggas

  • flo

    btwm average bitch who can barely speak english = not a turn on

  • JT

    fuck all the haters this bitch is bomb

  • trendy

    @flo that made no sense whatsoever

  • i make it to the pussy 24/7 you lil pencil dick nikka

    @jb just let everybody know he got a small dick. tmi bruh bruh

  • B@SICS

    Rosa Acosta and Melyssa Ford....Top Tier, and they don't come any betterthan that. These chicks can play in the business world and on the streets. Best of both worlds type sexy.

  • errer

    @b@sics at the end of the day they are still gold digging smuts without souls so that renders any potential qualities they may have null and void

  • MusicHead

    she's overrated as fuck.. wheres the fuckin asss ? and her face is okay.. she not all that cold.. i was expecting her to be bomb the way u niggas was talkin bout her. Melyssa Ford mentioned above is WAYYYYY BETTER.

  • yesssir

    just do porn, already. please.

  • 2Pac

    Next Saturday, We need Twins.

  • Rich

    10x cosign @ yesssir

  • onlytheflyest

    baddest bitch yet

  • B@SICS

    @errer...for one, neither of us nor anyone on these c-sections know these chicks personally so thats neither here nor there. And secondly, I can care less about their personal digger or not those two chicks are bangin'. And stop frontin' like you would consider any of that if you had the chance to smash cause I know damn well I wouldn't. And what's the difference between a bitch that only deals with dudes with stacks and a nigga that fucks every chick that turns him on. Miss me with that self righteous bullshit. Low standards and self compromise come in more than just one shape form or fashion.

  • smh

    she’s overrated as fuck.. wheres the fuckin asss ? and her face is okay.. she not all that cold.. i was expecting her to be bomb the way u niggas was talkin bout her. Melyssa Ford mentioned above is WAYYYYY BETTER.

    MusicHead said this on November 11th, 2012 at 9:07 pm
    Shut up faggot

  • ChalkyxJones

    You niggas are never satisfied are you?

  • B@SICS

    @Musichead you clearly haven't seen Rosa's stretching and flexibility videos...Google shorty, watch the videos, check out all of her other pics and then redo ya comment. I do agree that these pics were not the best of her catalogue but shorty is that FIRE.


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