SpaceGhostPurrp – Whole Latta Icee

blame it on Miss_Peas November 10, 2012

SpaceGhostPurrp drops the first single off his new, as of yet, untitled project.

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  • ravage

    SGP beats are too ill

  • PJ

    Perfect timing. Keep the streets buzzing

  • DX

    Yeah I hope you understand just how perfect the timing is. This rap industry is so obvious it’s like wrestling no other genre participates in these antics they put on yet they are the ones who can’t sell records.

  • PJ

    Nah man, every industry does it. It’s PR 101 – Generate buzz, capitalize off of buzz. Rappers are just more notoriously known for it because they’re uncouth.

  • DX

    Yeah I guess I was being a prisoner of the moment being that all I really follow is hip hop they all do it. But the way the rap industry goes about it in my opinion is demeaning to the culture and to blacks the fake beefs, fake arrests, just make good music and put a value on it what other genre puts their best work on free mixtapes then expects fans to purchase sub par lp’s ass backwards thinking if you ask me.

  • Mere

    Wasn’t this nigga spouse to retire?

  • jayjo

    This nigga needs to stop tryna do everything. Make more beats write less rhymes. He’s not a great rapper.

  • dcd

    @jayjo for real. that song starts off so horrible, then he actually flows a better when he switches it up.