Premiering November 13.


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  • allanté, the new one

    first off fuck rick ross. because he was the first person i saw doing this half a minute trailer shit for a three minute youtube video.

    second this shit looks like its a couple weeks late for halloween.

    third. this shit looks like its about to be dope as fuck.

  • Denny Kuttz Youtubeme

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  • chea!

    wiz got the weeknd on his shit, now he think he edgy too..

  • Slush

    Should be a tight track

  • Let Us See Where This Goes…

    [Female] Cheeks... FTW.

  • James

    So since he got Weeknd on the track he's trying to make his video look like the Weeknd videos LMAO! smh

  • Cool

    The Dream >>>>>> The Weeknd