French Montana – Mac & Cheese 3 (Tracklist)

blame it on Meka November 11, 2012

This was supposed to have dropped last Thursday, but apparently he didn’t have enough Young Chop beats to his liking (kidding). Head down bottom for how the project will look.

1. Intro (prod. Harry Fraud)
2. Ocho Cinco f. Diddy, Red Cafe, MGK & Los & (prod. Young Chop)
3. Baby Momma Skit
4. Yayo f. Future & Chinx Drugz (prod. Young Chop)
5. Water
6. Grownups f. Ma$e & Rico Love (prod. Rico Love)
7. Hatin On A Youngin’ (prod. Young Chop)
8. Devil Want My Soul (prod. Young Chop)
9. State Of Mind (prod. Harry Fraud)
10. Don’t Go Over There f. Fat Joe & Wale (prod. Boi-1da)
11. Weed Skit
12. Triple Double f. Mac Miller & Curren$y (prod. Harry Fraud)
13. Diamonds f. J. Cole & Rick Ross (prod. Swizz Beatz)
14. Tic Toc f. Trina (prod. Renegades)
15. Hip Hop f/ Fat Joe (prod. Shawdi P)
16. Sanctuary (prod. Black Metaphor)
17. No Sunshine f. Prodigy & Chinx Drugz (prod. Dollarz)
18. Thrilla In Manilla f. Tyga & Ace Hood (prod. DJ Mustard)

  • bzse

    Lol he is 1 of the biggest dickriders EVER

    He should also stop claiming New York & The Bronx

    • Ya niqqas are madd cause ya livinq at home wiff yur crackhead ass momzz……all of ya tlkin shit is dick ridinq nd niqqa French Montana is thee WAVIEST NIQQA ALIVE so thnks Dick Riders lml pussy niqqas

  • DoubleClutch95

    Almost every track has a feature, which isn’t surprising considering this guy isn’t an elite rapper and that’s what guys who know they aren’t elite rappers do.

    Anyways let’s see how many people mention the J.Cole feature track lol.

  • this dude basically got famous because of harry fraud and honestly his shit with fraud is the best he should just stick to working with him. his shits garbage over trap beats

  • lightsaberleg

    Triple Double fuck the others

  • i don’t really listen to non-lyrical rappers.i stick to the true emcee BUT if i had to pick one less talented rapper it would be french…..waiting on Joe Budden’s A LOOSE QUARTER tho!11/23/12

  • Jordan

    This dude is a headache away from being retarded…

    He’s got a few good tracks though (So High, Shot Caller)

  • DX

    I bet all those Chop beats sound exactly the same @DC95 What’s funny about the Cole feature I don’t get it? So what if yet another artist wants to get bodied by Cole on their mixtape

  • Mike Diesel

    still no album?

    I know he won’t sell alot but this nigga did have some top 100 billboard songs

  • Coke Boy Baby

    Tracklist looks nice

  • jwiii

    J. Cole x Rick Ross x Swizz Beats = promising

    • Ldac9

      Actually Deputy of Roc Nation produced Diamonds, not Swizz.

  • the realest

    finna bang

  • Ciurtis Blackson

    #18 will have a Biggie or Nasty Nas sample. This dude need to quit the game for real. #15 will be a filler track and suck terribly unlike the Joell Ortiz, Dead Prez or Royce da 5 9 track. #12 will have an Ice Cube sample. #14 will be worse than the Keisha song of the same name, but this no compliment in either light. I’m placing my bet this guy will fall off hard in the next fiscal year financially and buzz wise.

  • the realest

    ^ the hate is real lol

  • trichard

    Frenchie, you is as sophisticated as a kindergartener who got to stay back every grade of his entire k-12 education with only satisfactory C or less performance. You so much of a threat I must be shitting bricks by now, with enough fecal matter to fill a microscopic space of dike whores dirty minge. Quality is comparable to the likes of dried dingleberry crust on a guys maggot infested ass. Who in their right mind with a significant level of intelligence wants to hear this malarkey crap. Take a fatal k.o. to the head dude. It’s not like it would be the first assassination attempt by someone who wishes to send your fake ass to the grave. You’re dead to me, automatic 0 out of 5 mics getting ass. Take a hike to find a new horizon of change in your life, or your ass going to end up up in a Mobb Deep situation like Prod and Hav.

  • I’m just here for the features & beats. Might as well be: “Various Artists ft. French Montana” mixtape hosted by some annoying DJ.

    Hate or just being real?…. rhetorical.

  • whiterobb

    french montana is the king of hip-hop. boss. hands down. cokeboys is whats up. period. all these dickheads here talking hate shit, i dont what to say to all these hatin dick in the butt azz lames. he do come off a bit lazy sometimes cuz it all to easy, love it,
    and u can be DAMN SURE he aint goin’ NO MUHHFUCKING WHERE NOOO TIME SOON. give ur heads a shake. u dont like him, fine, but at least accept reality cuz u when u talk stupid u look stupid, and you’s all do. FRENCH RUN IT. FREEMAXB bitch

  • whiterobb

    and WTF!! STOP CLAIMING NEW YORK!! BZSE ur fucked.. FRENCH MONTANA IS NEW YORK! he aint u tell us who is? who? who go harder? who? u on some other shit man.. Haaaaanh?! LOL these fools probly the same fools that’ll say max b aint N.Y. max.b aint talented. fuckboys. who’s touchin cokeboys? fuck outta here. numbers do lie either

    • See my niqqa Whiterobb knows wuhh thee fuqk he tlkin boutt …….Pussy niqqas these days lml

  • Goody

    For all hater French montana is the best rapper.Cokeboys are the hottest rap group and i got every thing cokeboys so stop hating and get money haterz.scorpio are the best sign where smart dont happy b day french my b day was nov 14 #1 fan Goody HAHANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  • Nilo Bankss

    The Hate Is Realllll, Can He Live? Yaa Niggas Wanna Get Mentioned Lml. I Dont Usually Do This But Its Sad, Can My Son Do Him. Get Money, Get Out Yaa Feelins Hannnn. Top5 NiBanks