• dboss

    This was by far the most pointless, scream for needing something to take up time I have ever seen on ESPN. And that's saying a lot. When in doubt, let Berman go on an unedited rant. Ratings will boom!

  • terrible post 2dbz

    yeah as dboss said. when i watched this on ESPN this morning i laughed my ass off so much cuz really lil wayne is a attention seeking WHORE. either stick to rap or skateboarding or ur god damn sports... either way, u fucking suck at all things WAYNE!

  • Norman

    ^ and what exactly do you do with your life thats so much better?

  • http://twitter.com/jjbro1 JJBro1

    haha why when he pressed play on i am not a human being go dj started playing?

  • http://Prawp3r Terrible post 2dbz

    Norman, i do a lot with my life.. im a upcoming hip hop producer. but no need to explain myself to some keyboard fruit!.