Lil Wayne Meets Randy Moss (Video)

Two of the more polarizing individuals in their respective fields of work sat down this morning on ESPN's NFL Countdown to talk about Randy's past and short-lived retirement, his family and more. I wonder who wrote those questions for Wayne to ask.

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  • dboss

    This was by far the most pointless, scream for needing something to take up time I have ever seen on ESPN. And that's saying a lot. When in doubt, let Berman go on an unedited rant. Ratings will boom!

  • terrible post 2dbz

    yeah as dboss said. when i watched this on ESPN this morning i laughed my ass off so much cuz really lil wayne is a attention seeking WHORE. either stick to rap or skateboarding or ur god damn sports... either way, u fucking suck at all things WAYNE!

  • Norman

    ^ and what exactly do you do with your life thats so much better?

  • JJBro1

    haha why when he pressed play on i am not a human being go dj started playing?

  • http://Prawp3r Terrible post 2dbz

    Norman, i do a lot with my life.. im a upcoming hip hop producer. but no need to explain myself to some keyboard fruit!.


Dee-1 - "Miles Davis"

"How much is my sanity worth?"

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