Ludacris – Rest of My Life f. Usher & David Guetta (Video)

blame it on Meka November 11, 2012

Directed by Christopher Sims

I never expected the same person who crafted bangers with Timbaland, The Neptunes and DJ Premier to do a song like this. Rap game stressful. Anyways, Ludaversal comes next year.

  • 91_til_infinity

    This is really happening, isn’t it?

  • who cares

    No one believed me after that terrible Battle of the Sexes album. Now look. Luda is finished.

  • Scrouge McFuck

    Are you effing kidding me? Use to be Usher, Luda and Lil John…. now they replaced John with David Guetta and we are suppose to believe this guy is still relevant. Just because you are light skinned, losing and hair, and hit the gym for a month Luda DOES NOT MAKE YOU FLO RIDA. WTF? Isn’t this is guy who criticized Drake and Big Sean for not knowing their hip hop. Yo what did Luda add to this song? Its like a left over song from Usher last album that luda found in the recycling bin. And why is everyone of these goddamn techno songs about the same thing.. I love life so much and it is so short and precious I am going to throw caution to the wind and act recklessly putting ultimately shorting my already short life. Have fun on z100, but don’t expect to me respect your legacy and cry when these new rappers leapfrog you

  • CoolBreeze

    White Girl Music money, only reason Luda did this.

  • Damn homie

    Is this really the same nigga that brought us what’s your fantasy, southern hospitality, stand up, roll out, and grew up a screw up??? Damn.. RIP Ludacris.. This is Christopher Bridges rapping now….

  • DBS

    Luda’s just cashing in at this point, you’d think he’d be financially set for life at this point but I guess not?

  • Mike Diesel

    fuck it, this nigga been gone for a minute, his last album was wack too, what else u expect him to do?

    btw if this nigga really tired like how he was in his prime, he’d be one of the illest rappers of alltime.

    Now he is looking like a poor’s man Nelly aka Flo Rida

  • realtalk™

    Luda used to be one of my favorite rappers growing up.. I wish he’d just quit.. *sigh*

  • smitty

    1) Old Luda is done. Period.
    2) This song is pure basura.
    3) Usher is pretty much 60% of this song. If not more.
    4) If there was a definition of selling out in video form, this would be it. Hell, it is full of all these stupid “uplifting” shots but the whole song is just about drinking and smoking weed at the club. Like someone else said, this is pure white girl club music.

  • FTW

    What are you all on?! Luda sold out/turned wack A LONG TIME AGO! This is just the latest proof.

  • wack

    amusing to see what is possibly the worst dope to nope ratio ever on this site

  • CecilRhodezH

    I cant hate Luda for this, white people are gonna eat this shit up. Luda my nigga I hate it had to be him.

  • Alexander Skye

    Like, it doesn’t deserve to be on here, no. But, I like EDM, alot, and from that perspective this is a pretty decent song. It does it’s job in the category it fits with. This isn’t hip-hop though. But trust me, in the rave scene, this will do wonders. I can’t understand the nope ratio, but don’t hate it just cuz it’s not old or typical Luda. The EDM will love this shit.

  • jay

    dope song, luda cross over..while hip hop heads pass over it, this will be played in the white clubs all over…lol get that money any means necessary.

  • Gospher

    Say it’s gonna play at white clubs yet blacks will play this shit to . Fucking society has sold out for the most part it’s up to the kendrick Lamar’s , J.Cole , Big Boi , Childish Gambino , Ab-Soul, Jon Connor,Big Krit people of this art to bring back real shit

  • Thinker

    @Alexander Skye is probably the only dude trying to sympathy with Luda’s latest move but even his comment is reaching. Luda, what the FUCK man? Word to Gospher tho