The Nas x Frank Ocean Collab Has Been Found…

blame it on Shake November 11, 2012

Back in July, news broke out that a Nas/Frank Ocean song — entitled “No Such Thing As White Jesus” — had been lost forever. That was until today, when HS87’s Ricky Anderson found the lost hard drive. Check the update Hit-Boy gave on the situation via Twitter…

I can’t fully recall as I’m still in shambles over this brick ass Canadian weather (damn you Calgary), but didn’t Nas say something about them never even having a song together? Or maybe he said they never finished one. Whatever the case may be, a track with them together would be pretty fresh IMO. Hopefully something comes to light soon..

  • 3much4thesehoes

    honestly, this shit is all hype. If this was really hot, they would have re done it in a heartbeat. I’m hoping it’s tight though.


  • Mike

    Good job on finding the vocals for “No Such Thing As A White Jesus”

  • “That was until today”??? I would hardly call the 8th of November today. #LATE!!

  • who cares

    The hell? 1) I’m guessing it was on a thumb drive or something because how you gon’ lose a normal sized hard drive unless you take that shit out of your computer and carry it with you everywhere. Either way it’s stupid. 2) No one wanna hear this. Frank Ocean is whack as fuck.

  • REAL

    Yall really wanna hear some more of that faggot music smh homo shit

  • GODr


  • RSX

    Fuck that homo music, I could definitely use some new Frank Ocean though.


  • Big Cen

    Nas rhyming wit fags? Hav callin Prodigy on some gay shit? NY whats happenin? Yal dont make real niggas no mo?!

  • cap

    i heard the found hard drive smells like franks butthole. strange coincidence

  • SforMusic

    u lot have a strange relationship wiv gays dont you ??? I swear down Homophobia on the internet is hilarious

  • david

    Can’t believe Nas would do a track with Frank Ocean, Frank’s all about hype, putting out statements of him being gay wasn’t brave, it was for hype, and he had his producer sample The Eagles for that track he did, if you wanna use a sample it’s either for hype or coz you love the music you’re sampling, he chose their most popular song and when a member of The Eagles asked Frank to put out a statement claiming his admiration for the band he chose to reply bitterly about the fact they’d sue him for performing it live, it’s not about the art or the love of music with Frank Ocean, he wants the fame otherwise he’d pay respect when due, in terms of the quality of his music he’s average at what he does, got nice producers but he’s gotta earn respect through the love of the music if he wants to last, doing a track with Nas is him tryna buy his way into the hip-hop crowd as well as the pop/rap crowd who follow him for a couple hot singles

  • XI

    ^WTF the fuck are YOU talking about!? GTFOH

  • @david

    dawg you trying too hard. you probably OVER-analyzed the hell out Frank but i didnt get past the 2nd sentence to see. do something productive with your life rather then study up on niggas you try to hate on