• bzse

    Industry plant

  • Mike Tomlin

    Commentors should take note of his last sentence...

  • really?!?!

    were people really inspired by lil' wayne to get tattoo's...because there have been countless others prior to him...that was just a strange comment

  • D

    he was talking the amount of tattoos hes got no ther hiphop artist wer having tats all over their body like wayne

  • gt

    the fact he had to clarify he wasnt dick riding means that he was in fact dick riding and i dont know why he was thinking about wiz for prolly tryna take his swag next

  • Kanye East

    Carter 2 is still a southern classic.

  • j.p.

    When you have to bring up a bunch of irrelevant shit to defend somebody, you're dick riding.

  • SuckItASAP

    Dude has done nothing but dick ride so far... Texas don't give a fuck about him.

  • Thinker

    ^ a whoooooole bunch of cock-sucking haters in here. LMAO

  • Ryuk

    Sorry. But some emcees & listeners aren't into all those trophies dude mentions. Money is cool & tattoos are a respectful art form ( though it isn't being mentioned in such a way by this dude..) but those have nothing to do with what Hip Hop is. in fact the glorification of these kind of perpetuate the problem in Hip Hop. And though Carter 2 was great, that was years ago and dudes flow has decreased exponentially since then.In short. While I respect Rocky's right to his opinion, its just kinda basic and inaccurate. Just saying.

  • Lord Zyos

    Str8 Ballin