B.o.B – F*ck Em We Ball (Artwork x Trailer)

blame it on Shake November 12, 2012

Bobby Ray took to his Instagram to unveil the official cover art to his upcoming mixtape (his 9th), Fuck Em We Ball, dropping November 15th. UPDATE: Hit the jump for the project’s trailer.

  • yesssir

    will there be another taylor swift feature?!

  • MoonManManiac

    Oh B.o.B, what happened man?

  • Real Talk

    Sorry man this dude makes wack POP music I don’t care how many mixtapes he’s released.

  • Real Talk

    But get that money man, that’s what it’s all about, right?

    It’s about the money.

    Not the art or respect, right?

  • baltazar

    with his debut album B.O.B got that balance of pop and rap perfectly, ‘Strange Clouds’ was catchy and stuff but fairly weak on most tracks from a lyrical standpoint.

    For the taylor swift comment, I actually really liked that track with her and b.o.b.

    Hope this mixtape goes back more to him using his guitar and emceeing

  • Jimbo

    Everyone has their own agenda, can’t hate on him for trying to get money. There are more than enough artists out there that people can listen to for non-radio hits. This single for the mixtape is BANGIN though!

  • All I keep reading is “he’s pop” and “get that money”. B.o.B is the same artist he’s always been. The only difference between the albums and the mixtapes are the popular features—and maybe a little more rapping on the mixtapes. He hasn’t changed! Hip-hop heads always bitch when an artist rises from the underground.

  • Thinker

    “Not the art or respect, right?”

    stfu faggot. nobody gotta respect a shit-talker like you but what about his music isnt art or respect? because he’s mainstream? call me hater because i hate on dudes like you who make prejudice comments like that. on another note, here’s B.o.B again. probably with another banging mixtape coming before another pop ass album. dude lost me on his first album

  • B.O.B is one of the few artists that understands duality. His second LP goes deep, if you ACTUALLY listen. But the art of listening is lost on most people.

  • cap

    bob been long gone man

  • 1dopeboy

    I’ve stuck with B.o.B from Cloud 9 to Strange Clouds, but the title and cover of this mixtape has me worried
    T.I. might be rubbing off on him too much