Chief Keef – Finally Rich (Tracklist)

blame it on Meka November 12, 2012

December 18th, just in time for the holidays. Yeah, I can’t believe it either people. Sit back and pray.

1. Love Sosa [Prod. by Young Chop]
2. Hallelujah [Prod. Young Chop]
3. I Don’t Like ft. Lil Reese [Prod. by Young Chop]
4. No Tomorrow [Prod. by Mike Will Made It]
5. Hate Bein’ Sober ft. 50 Cent & Wiz Khalifa [Prod. by Young Chop]
6. Kay Kay [Prod. by K.E. On The Track]
7. Laughin’ To The Bank [Prod. by Y.G. On Da Beat]
8. Diamonds ft. French Montana [Prod. by Young Chop]
9. Ballin’ [Prod. by Leek-e-leek]
10. Understand Me ft. Young Jeezy [Prod. by Casa Di]
11. 3Hunna ft. Rick Ross [Prod. by Young Chop]
12. Finally Rich [Prod. by Young Chop]
13. Citgo [Bonus Track]
14. Kobe [Bonus Track] [Prod. by Young Chop]
15. Got Them Bands [Bonus Track] [Prod. by Y.G. On Da Beat]
16. Don’t Make No Sense [Bonus Track]

You can check out snippets here.

  • black

    That Hate Being Sober track gonna be hard…idk about wiz an fif on it tho…

  • Yooooo

    “I hate being sober
    OJ or cola,
    Fucking with Bicar-di
    Bitches love to par-ty”

    Every. Song. Will. Sound. The. Same.

  • NoWuff

    How mad would hip-hop heads be if Kief drops a classic?

  • Curtis Blackson

    Kay Kay I’m a gangster
    Always Tote Them Big Toys
    My Rari Got A Toaster N’
    This Clique Be Making’ Big Noise

    Ballin’ hard I think I’m Kobe
    CALL ME Kemosabe
    You don’t want no problems
    I’m drunk off this Barcardi

    Damn you fuck boy Chief Keef who claim he packing heat likes its some way to defeat his competition.

  • What happened to that Kobe track?

  • kd


  • Curtis Blackson

    @NoWuff Nigga, you must have taken E before you made that outrageous claim. I’m no hip hop head age wise, but I can tell you this dude has no longevity right off the bat. Keef is trash, as well the same with strong reference to his collaborators who share the style he has.

  • Positive Vibe

    the album is gonna be ass, lets be real, like somebody else said, every track is going to sound the same, usually I give albums a chance before I judge but I already have no respect for Chief Keef as it is

  • Carl Rove’s Son

    chief queef lol, no kanye appearance.

  • KIM


  • Powblenmg

    Why y’all hating on a young nigga. He made it by himself. It’s either Hiphop or dying in the streets, I’m happy for him. get it!

  • Mike Diesel

    track list looks fucking jokes LMFAO

  • Wade Wilson

    Really you guys are going to support this lil punk who laughs about others dying on twitter? Really?? His shit is garbage and his followers here on my streets of Chicago are killing their own people daily and its okay cuz he made it in hip hop selling death? Really??? Who are the real fools here? And yeah you can say its all just music but look at his track record is this really the kind of person you want kids looking up to ? He may not want to be someone to look up to but our culture keeps making it seem like celebrity is everything and with him blowing up he will create more garbage like himself and just cause another cycle of death. But I am sure that dont mean shit to most of you cuz you are not from Chicago.

  • why is everyone’s album 12 or 13 tracks long ?
    when they just gonna add atleast 4 more on it and call it “Bonus” tracks??

  • j

    wheresssss that kobe track, itunes bonus?
    dunno how that ballin track made it

  • Bob

    Co sign Wade Wilson. The beats are normally nice and its something to just wil’ out to with the homies but how can anyone support this guy? For real, he talks so much shit on Twitter and on his tracks I don’t have a clue what he’s saying.. If you buy this you’re insane.

  • chiefqueefer

    he got ross and fiddy on the same album?? *scratches head* wtf..

  • Bezzle

    Chief Keef aka Chief Garbage … buttt Ill only listen to the tracks with 50, Wiz, French, Jeezy n Ross on em but simply for those names jus to see how they came out … I dislike Chief Garbs as much as the next real hip hop fan but if we all didn’t listen to the Don’t Like (Remix) jus bc he was on it then we wouldn’t have known how hard it was with GOOD Music on it so that’s my take … CHIEF PEEF NIGGA THATS THAT SHIT I DONT LIKE

    • Man joe yo azz is a fucken hatter u no darn well u is goin to listen to his music so stop frontin.

  • Sosa

    Why the fuck Kobe not on this.

  • dmvsbsb

    this nigga lame as fuk for not putting trel on here

  • mjb

    You idiots kobe is track 14

  • Who ever dis this nigga they is a fucken hatter an they just want the attention that he is gettin so the hatters stop da hattin. OTF/GBE