Game – Jesus Piece (Alternate Artwork)

blame it on Shake November 12, 2012

Leaving the controversial cover art to those that cop the Deluxe Edition of Jesus Piece (Dec. 11), Jayceon tones things down for the Standard Edition. Paying homage to his brother Jevon Danell Taylor who was gunned down at the age of 21.

  • Hozaris

    ahahahah DOPE but Thanks Kendrick Lamar

  • And 1

    his brown?

  • Riding Kendrick’s wave

  • who cares

    Kind of a weird thing to put on an album cover, but it’s better than that other one.

  • Looks like another alternate GKMC cover, & the worst part is that it’s so obvious.. Dope cover, still though, smh.

  • NYdreams

    sorry but this reminds me too much of the kendrick lamar album cover lol … and no disrespect to the man in that picture (rip) but what does that pic have to do with the the album at all ?? or the name the jesus piece ???

  • Boom

    now everybody’s gonna start thinking Kendrick did something no ones ever done before w/ his album cover.. Kendrick my dawg.. but quit acting like he’s being copied.. dope cover from Game..

  • NYdreams

    not saying nobodys ever done b4 but seriously kendrick was the most recent to drop this album with the cover like that and a month later game comes out with the same thing ?? come on now… either way ill take this over that bumazz cover he showed the first time lmao

  • eclipse

    wtf has got into this guy. he’s gotta be bi polar or somethin

  • Mike Diesel

    nothing wrong with the cover, and stop saying he bit, this cover doesn’t look like GKMC

  • j

    Thats his brother, the reason he started rapping, probably the reason he believe in god in the first place.. if you cant see this as being much much bigger than your opinions then ya’ll lost in this life smh

    kendricks cover aint in memory of no dead person 1 is him as a kdi and 1 is his mums van.. i dunno what ya’ll on.. normal cover/deluxe cover that aint nothing new.

  • the fuck

    haha with a rap-up tag :D

  • word1

    really excited for this for some reason

  • cleptroman

    Cover is dope, but when you see all the features announced….It’s gonna be a garbage

  • juskwak

    the picture is one thing… but the “hand writing” is blatant. Plus the last 10 time ive heard this nigga open his mouth (freestyle, interview, new songs, etc) Kendrick Lamar’s name comes out some way some how. He fighting a nigga he been holding up over Kendrick. He keep trying to inform (not remind) us that he took K Dot on tour back when-ever-the-fuck. HE IS DEFINETLY TRYING TO RIDE THE WAVE!

    That being said, his last mixtape plus all the new music is dope and im fuckin with it. The wave-riding is some shit im just going to ignore the same way ive ignored all his cons (Jay Z Jocking, 50 Cent love/Hate , Name dropping, Screw faces)

    Holy Water!!

  • bandP


    well said.

  • Big Dawg Da Drawwww

    It’s Drake and Juvenile all over again wtflol

  • marty mcfly

    @juskwak, your saying he’s riding Kendrick’s wave and then saying you fuck with all his new music and his music from last year. Maybe he’s riding his own wave that he started almost ten years ago. Just saying

  • Kinder

    A much better cover than the wave of abortions that was his other one. Still, this album probably will have nowhere near the lyrical and emotional depth that a cover like that would demand.

  • Thinker

    i’m really hoping Game didn’t take that pic of his brother from rap-up.

  • And 1

    I will check this out, I never knew Game’s older brother was killed. That’s really sad and it makes me want to give Game another chance. He used to have some promise as a lyricist.

  • Ric Flair nigga!

    niggaz act like k dot was the first nigga ever to have such artwork
    stop overridin k dot

  • no, originally it has no rapup tag, in fact the cover above is taken from rapup site

  • wickywoss

    shake use a calculator next time

  • mynameismyname

    Think back to “Start From Scratch”.. “My brother Jevon died ’cause he chased the cat/ It’s a doggy dog world Jesus please holla back”

  • “kendricks cover aint in memory of no dead person 1 is him as a kdi and 1 is his mums van”

    actually you would be incorrect there because one of his uncles in that photo was shot in the head.