J. Cole - Miss America (Single Artwork)

With Born Sinner looking at a January 28th release, J. Cole recently announced the his new single "Miss America". And while we wait for it to drop this Tuesday, here goes the official cover art.

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  • cool tho

    i see jay-z footsteps

  • cap

    co sign cool

  • jwiii

    this the second album, right?

    no jayelectronigga?

  • Exhibit C

    I don't even believe in that stuff too much but that's supposed to be an illuminati hand sign isn't it?

  • FrankWhite

    These devil worshipers dont even hide anymore.... God save us all!!!

  • It's official, this man has souled out. RIP J. Cole

  • ThinkPeople

    I feel sorry for this guys fans. the industry has him now.

  • Da

    you haven't even heard the song yet, SO SHUT THE HELL UP!
    Don't judge a book by it's cover till you read a bit.

  • ;wi4fh;

    its about tp be 2013 in a few months and motherfuckers are still dick riding this whole black magic illuminated devils imagery in their videos/artwork. that marketing plan is like 3 years old already come up with some new shit fucking lame ass rappers

  • masontho

    J. Cole always incorporates a halo as well as the devil horns in his artwork, notice how this one only has the devil horns? hmmmmm....

  • Wow, thanks for your coenmmts guys. I didn't know we had a lot of readers, especially when we slack so long in between posts.I have a bunch of new posts in the works, I just have to find the time to do it. Stay tuned!


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