Mr. SOS – Swag

blame it on Shake November 12, 2012

On January 21st, Mr. SOS will be dropping the third installment of his SOS For President series with Re-Election. And with that said, here goes the latest (Ricky Raw-produced) single. “Swag” though? I thought that shit died already…

  • Raing

    lame attempt at hype, making the cover look like a good music song

  • roy


    try harder

  • jerru

    This guy has no idea what he’s doing

  • StyleZ.

    original cover…

  • Supaman

    Besides the bad cover and title choice, why yall hating this song???

  • B-Girl

    Clearly y’all don’t get when someone mocks something. He’s making fun of swag songs, and it’s funny! I get it.

  • randy

    @bgirl lol anytime someone makes a wack song some duncecap tries to justify it by saying was meant to be wack. who makes deliberately wack music. gtfoh

  • Reggie

    I get it. Anybody who doesn’t get it probably didn’t listen to it. It’s a joke, at least the hook it is, and I think it’s funny as fuck. Dude’s bustin hard too. Reminds me of some Danny Brown shit.

  • Cunt-throat

    I like it. I like the beat, production, ad libs, and the flow is sick. Listen deeper then the radio and top 40.

  • ianism

    yeah gtfo if you haven’t listened yet. the song isn’t actually about swag. it’s just (very good) battle raps. chill out.

  • DjTrey

    I see what he did there…y’all gettin way too worked up over a freestyle. Lol. Fuck the bullshit – swag