Shyne – Freestyle In Paris (Game Diss) (Video)

blame it on Meka November 12, 2012

“Oh, my freakin’ ears!” – © Todd Flanders

Make this stop. Seriously. How’d the hell this happen, anyways?

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  • wtf shyne

    first black hasidic jew ever?

  • Jordan

    Either he completely forgot how to rap, or he was never that good to begin with

    I’m not sure which one

  • who cares

    Don’t want to press play because Shyne is a garbage ass MC. Can someone just type in a comment what the actual lyrics are?

  • bigErn

    HAWT SHIT! My boy Shyne straight MERCKED that game bitch!…wait, wtf was that???

  • doc rovers

    i have to assume the only likes this video is getting is from Shyne’s immediate family

  • theE

    What the hell happen to this guy?? 1997 Shyne vs The Game today would be a good war..

  • big

    Shyne. go back to prison…. @ least then we would have still thought of u as a G

  • Jordan

    Don’t want to press play because Shyne is a garbage ass MC. Can someone just type in a comment what the actual lyrics are?

    Don’t worry, they’re not even worth typing

  • shwiz

    dude has been legit institutionalized and doesnt know how to adjust to real life anymore lol

  • No words. This is just sad. Dude looks like the bums that beg outside of Walmart. #willrap4food

  • chad

    2001 called… they said that shit was wack too.

  • Del

    This guy was never good… and this was beyond trash

  • Jelie

    lol Epic Failure!

  • Ermac

    I think the lyrics are pretty dope its just his delivery is awful Shyne needs to step his game up forreal

  • los

    how this one hit wonder ever had a cult following is beyond me. when everyone talked about shyne only song that popped up was bad boyz and that was it. how he got jocked for almost ten years is beyond me. to bad the jewish community didnt save the reciept to return this garbage

  • naijaruns

    straight comedy.

  • Nito

    Go home shyne your drunk

  • J.West

    Shyne hip hop doesn’t need u anymore move on

  • chea!

    it’s funny how he claim ross is stealin his shit when his “new” voice sound like a bad ross impersonation. anyone notice that?

  • super8.

    this shit aint as funny as it is sad. shyne used to be straight but now this nigga sorry. this shit got me feeling like i did when i watched cannibus struggle in that battle a minute ago…that shit just sad. some of these old heads need to hang it up its like they 40 still trying to play in the nba lol call it quits now nigga

  • bigErn

    Even his green energy rap was better than this. Put a fork in this guy

  • dtb

    lyrics were honestly on point. dude just has absolutely no delivery. he stumbles and is slow and has a weird cadence in his voice.

  • buckets

    “sorry, this video is unavailable from your location” … THANK GAWD!

  • Walker

    Aside from his voice, this wasn’t a bad diss lyrical wise. He DEF came harder than Game. If you you think differently your really just hating.

  • g

    hahhaha cant hate on shyne , he dropped 1 of the coldest songs ever w/ barrington levy

  • mk

    The beat he’s rapping over is trash

  • G

    Lol this is the guy that said kdot’s album sucked?

    Nothing to say here.

  • Karl Rove’s Son

    this dude sounds like sickel cell anemia

  • marty mcfly

    @Shyne, Stop it just stop it cause this is ridiculous. This shit has gotta be the funniest reply to a diss ever. I mean the delivery alone is on some gangsta rapper with a mild case down syndrome type shit and then there’s the haircut shit goin on under that fuckin kango. GTFOHWTBS. On top of that this nigga got the nerve to rap about how Game’s career is patterned after his? NO fool, the voice mite be similar but the careers are not. I hope Game does say some shit back just for fun though cause Shyne done lost his damn mind.

  • Ervin Mitchell

    Outside of this nigga looking like a homeless crackhead…..he just snapped. Anybody that really knows lyrics…knows that this nigga just snapped but since ya’ll are too retarded to formulate your own opinion about pretty much ANYTHING….you probably didn’t notice. If you don’t believe me do this….look at every post that shake supports on this site….look at the likes on that bitch…then look at the records that he doesn’t like and look at the dislikes. You niggas are lost souls….the exact ones your favorite “conscious” rapper is talking about but who is he to judge you….he’s probably just as blind as you. On a lighter note though…this nigga SNAPPED…but who wants to see this beef???? NO ONE….END

  • Shyne looks like he has to pee.
    Shyne looks like an uncle at a BBQ that tries to tell me a story.
    Shyne looks like 3 week old dog shit Bentley left on Diddy’s yard.
    Shyne sounds like he wouldn’t make the band.
    Shyne looks like the old version of Calvin from Paid In Full.
    Shyne sounds like his voice box got shot like Calvin from Paid In Full.
    Shyne sounds like he doesn’t shine at all.
    Shyne sounds like midnight.


    Poor Shyne. he looks hungry.

  • VJ

    “Shyne sounds like he wouldn’t make the band.” – that shit cracked me up..

    Anyway, this is that karton in your fridge thats been standing there since Shyne got locked up shit.. Ugh

  • Thinker

    why shyne look scared in that still shot?

  • Rap Connoisseur

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (SILENCE) BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! His entire everything looks and sounds like he’s been kicking it with Canibus as of lately…flow – off/ lyrics – horrible/ rhyme – nonexistent/ sytle – “mmmmmmm nope cant do it wont do it, just horrible”….yep just and another washed up has been.

  • elder

    That shit was traaaaash.

  • swageezy

    “I’mma shoot the butterfly off ya face, tell “Jesus, Peace” then smile at your wake.”

    The lyrics aren’t that bad, ya’ll hatin extra hard

  • lEVI

    Lol album promo at the end….shouts to shyne

  • G

    This is reminiscent of Eddie Kane trying to get back with the Heartbeats after a few drug binges…

  • Brian

    Some bars were cool, mostly was weak though. But did he say “Hol Up” at the end like my nigga Kendrick though??? Thought he was trash Moses?

  • Does any of this sounds like Jay-z? Not flow, but a few words here in there… maybe he just got done listening to him.

  • KING

    The lyrics aren’t bad at all. This dude’s delivery is beyond shit. That’s why this dude is horribly wack.

  • you

    @Stick. G

    “Shyne looks like an uncle at a BBQ that tries to tell me a story.” Had me rolling

  • Yall are Haters and clearly don’t listen to Hip Hop. The lyrics were on point, it was just his flow that was choppy. #DontBelieveTheHype