• Rozko

    Meh...I fuck with this song but he shouldn't have performed it for the Fallon audience. The "dreams and nightmares" track woulda made more sense.


    If this is the future of hip-hop then we are in BIG trouble.........that was mediocre at best. Talk about a forgetful performace....wait who was I talking about?

  • CecilRhodez

    Theres no problem with this performance other than the fact Meek is trying to sing lmao. Meek trying to sing the hook sounds horrible haha. But other than that I like this song.

  • daveg

    HORRIBLE. Hiphop is doomed to fail with crap music like this. Bring back the MUSIC!!!
    Lil Jon started the decline, and production like Lex Lugar is finishing off the artform.