• http://hiphoponmymind.com itscoolkev

    LOL I thought I was trippin. my home boy just called me about this song and I was like thats mad old son. He was like you lien it just came out.


    this somg was prob put on hold for a remix or a feature that would have made the song bigger and better... sum energy like a 2 chainz would help

  • NT

    This is appreciated.

    2chainz feature? I'd pass on that. There aren't enough artists who are putting out solo radio or street singles. Even album cuts are riddled with a feature from artist A, B or C.

  • Poon

    ^^Well said sir

  • midwestbeast

    ^^ i don't kno bro. i can def see 2 chainz comin out of nowhere sayim sum "Yeah", and then just goin in on the track wit sum adlibs. thats just me tho. this shit bummps nun the less tho.

  • NoWuff

    When I saw Gunplay's song I wanted this to stop playing.. Tells me this is just another normal ass song, nothing really too special. That being said, there's definitely gonna be a bunch of people that will bump this.

  • spowers3

    just wondering, does this flow tip's using on this song have a name? I've been hearing it an awful lot lately. Regardless, really dope song.

  • haha

    Yeah its called the dickridin' flow